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Foucault on Biopower

Today the results of the Election in Mauritius will be announced. We already have some speculation. The elected candidate will have certain level of power restored.

For Foucault, biopower is a technology of power, which is a way of managing people as a group. For Foucault, the distinctive quality of this political technology is that it allows for the control of entire populations.

Some Definitions:

5. Power (224)-

“A more-or-less organized, hierarchical, co-ordinated cluster of relations.” Power is a characteristic of all relationships and, in fact, constitutes those relationships. All individuals exercise power, and are all subjected to it.

6. Bio-power (225)-

Power over life. It “exerts a positive influence of life, that endeavors to administer, optimize, and multiply it, subjecting it to precise controls and comprehensive regulations.”

7. Resistance (226)-

In Foucault’s system, this can be characterized by discourse that both creates and constrains.

At university, we make reference to French Philosopher Michel Foucault. Here is a very interesting video:

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