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Understanding The Impact Of Technology On Business

As part of BCS Membership benefits, one amongst them is access to Forrester reports. While browsing for any interesting report on IT Service Management, I encountered one which I find interesting. Here is the excerpt.

Interesting questions were covered on the following topics:

  • x86 Server Purchase Plans
  • x86 Server Virtualization Adoption
  • Cloud Computing Adoption
  • Alternatives To Traditional PC Technologies
  • PCs, Laptops, And Management
  • Small Business Hardware Spending Plans
  • Small Business Product Selection And Channels
  • Reliance On IT And Support Services
  • Information Sources And Influence In Purchasing

Sample questions:

  • Approximately how many x86 (Intel or AMD servers — in some companies known as the Windows servers) are operated by IT that you know about?

  • For approximately how long has your company used x86 server virtualization? a) Less than a year; b) about one year; c) about two years; d) about three years; e) about four years; f) five years or more; and g) don’t know.

  • What is your company’s level of use of pay-per-use hosting of virtual servers (also known as cloud computing) for the following workloads at service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Savvis, or Mosso? 1) Not aware (includes don’t know); 2) not interested; 3) interested but no budget for it; 4) interested and planning budget for it; d) implementing in the next 12 months; and e) already implemented.

  • For each of the following alternatives to traditional PC technologies, please tell me your highest level of awareness or interest based on the following scale: a) thin-client hardware or other terminals that access a server-hosted session (e.g., Sun Ray, Wyse, HP, Dell); b) blade PCs (i.e., HP CCI and ClearCube); c) hosted application virtualization (also known as server-based computing) (e.g., Citrix XenApp/Presentation Server and Microsoft Terminal Services); d) hosted desktop virtualization (e.g., VMware VDI and Citrix XenDesktop); e) local desktop virtualization (e.g., VMware ACE, Microsoft Virtual PC, and Parallels); f) local application virtualization and streaming (e.g., Microsoft Application Virtualization [Softricity], VMware ThinApp [Thinstall], and Altiris SVS); and g) Citrix XenApp with application streaming.

The survey results are very interesting as we get an idea of what are the emerging hardware trends 2008-2009 by North American and European Small and Medium Businesses.

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