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As “Happy” as Bill Gates?

Techcrunch published on The 2009 List of Tech Billionaires and How much they lost. Quote:

“The tech billionaires are still collectively worth $203.4 billion. Although Bill Gates rose to the top of the list after falling to number 3 last year, the move was bittersweet. Gates lost a massive $18 billion in the past year. Larry Ellison from Oracle lost $2.5 billion but moved up 10 spots from last year, to number 4 on the list. Larry and Sergey from Google both took a hit of over $6 billion each.”

Some facts on Bill Gates from
1. Bill Gates earns US$250 every SECOND, that’s about US$20 Million a DAY and US$7.8 Billion a YEAR!


2. If he drops a thousand dollar, he won’t even bother to pick it up bcoz the 4 seconds he picks it, he would’ve already earned it back.


3. The US national debt is about 5.62 trillion, if Bill Gates were to pay the debt by himself; he will finish it in less then 10 years.


4. He can donate US$15 to everyone on earth but still be left with US$5 Million for his pocket money.


5. Michael Jordan is the highest paid athlete in US. If he doesn’t drink and eat, and keeps up his annual income i.e. US$30 Million, he’ll have to wait for 277 years to become as rich as Bill Gates is now.


6. If Bill Gates was a country, he would be the 37th richest country on earth.


7. If you change all of Bill Gate’s money to US$1 notes, you can make a road from earth to moon, 14 times back and forth. But you have to make that road non-stop for 1,400 years, and use a total of 713 BOEING 747 planes to transport all the money.


8. Bill Gates is 40 this year. If we assume that he will live for another 35 years, he has to spend US$6.78 Million per day to finish all his money before he can go to heaven.


Last but not the least: If Microsoft Windows’ users can claim US$1 for every time their computers hang because of Microsoft Windows, Bill Gates will be bankrupt in 3 years !!!!!!! !!!!

Last but not the least, Business Week compiled: Bill Gates – A Rich Life, which is worth having a look.

Today I attended a lecture on Happiness organised by the UoM Campus Culture Society. The talk was given by Dr. Bilal Philips on way to Real Happiness. The stuff that very impressed me is that according to him, research found that spiritually committed people are more happy than less committed ones.

What would you do if you had the fortune of Bill Gates? Would you be Happy forever?

6 responses

  1. sjdvda

    He’s not 40, he’s 53 and he owns Microsoft, why the hell can’t Steve Jobs be as rich as him??

    BTW I’ve read many books by Bilal Philips which are really good 😀

    13 March, 2009 at 8:38 pm

  2. Naizlah

    Bill gate,poor him. Those who get rich die in trying get more rich.
    Id prefer get what is enough n enjoy life in better ways.

    13 March, 2009 at 9:26 pm

  3. Moh

    Nice info..really cool..

    13 March, 2009 at 11:17 pm

  4. Interesting . Bill gates . Well you have know how , good business strategy and most important luck anyone can be bill gates lol

    14 March, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    • The question is not of becoming Sir Bill Gates just for the sake of having so much fortune. But instead would you have all the happiness in the world if you had so much of printed legal tenders of money?

      I think that the fun of having met so many bloggers today is greater than the fun of having much money in my pocket to buy entire McDonald! Then I would had owned this multinational :D, but then perhaps I would also not even have the time to have a nice chat with friends around a table…This would be sad 😦

      14 March, 2009 at 5:41 pm

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