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TNT Express, Ceridian, ACCA (Mauritius)

On Friday 3 April, my Google Calendar reminded me by SMS that there would be 3 presentations in the Campus. More details about the advert for the 2 presentations by the Computer Science and Engineering dept. can be found here. Kindly allow me to write my personal feedback on the events :D.

TNT Express ICS

Firstly, the presentation by TNT Express ICS (Mauritius). The powerpoint design was very well done. The flow of presentation was good and coherent. We obtained an idea of what we, future UoM Graduates (Computer Scientists), would be doing at the company i.e. giving the best of ourselves. Tackling the challenges lying ahead. I personally very much appreciated this part of “Warning Challenges Ahead” sign in the powerpoint.

Warning Challenges Ahead

In one of the Human Resources Management paper I read, I grasp the concept that one is not primarily motivated by the pay obtained from the work but by whether they feel challenged by the work that they are doing.

Ceridian (Mauritius)

Second presentation was by Ceridian. It was OK, I should say. The presentation team comprising of 3 “Ceridians” was smaller comapared to the one from TNT (greater that five). Unlike free distribution of  ‘Company Pen’, this time the student community obtained an informative brochure on Ceridian. The presentation by the HR lead shed light on the current economic situation a bit, which I appreciated and she stressed that despite this worldwide phenomenon, the company is growing and will be accomodating more employees by July 2009.

The interesting point is about the 5 months placement training given jointly by UTM and Ceridian. The programme is being introduced for the first time and starting in May 2009.

ACCA (Mauritius)

Last but not the least, a very interesting, informative and creative presentation given by the Director of ACCA Mauritius at Lecture Theatre 2, Faculty of Law & Management. The Director of ACCA(Mauritius), Mr. V. Busawah has agreed upon the request of faculty representative (FLM) to make a donation of all ACCA textbooks (F1 to F9 and P1 to P6) to UoM. This is a very laudable initiative since ACCA textbooks are expensive. A big bravo for the team for being to make this donation event possible.

The quality of the presentation was fantastic! No denying. This is a style of presentation from which I find lots of inspiration. Will try to work on this style straightaway and prepare a template so that my next presentation can reflect this unique style.

The questions and answers sesssion was brief but interesting questions were being given by the future professional accountants.

In the end, Assoc. Prof Juwaheer, Dean of FLM accepted the books and gave the vote of thanks. Special mention was made about care to be taken on avoiding mishandling of the new books (including tearing of pages and other ‘barbarie’). It was nice to obtain so much information about the activities of ACCA Mauritius and its close collaboration with the University of Mauritius in providing exemptions in ACCA modules for certain degree courses (for eg. BSc (Hons) Accounting)

Slavery versus Indentureship Seminar

In the end, had the opportunity to attend a Seminar at the Fine Arts Lecture Theatre (MGI) on similarity/difference between Slavery and Indian Immigrants. Despite being delivered with no use of technolgy (as in previous presentations), the similary of high quality of intellectual thoughts being shared was present there also.

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  1. 🙂 I never attended these when I was a student at UoM … btw there is now a new Mauritian Blog List here:

    4 April, 2009 at 10:29 pm

  2. @Ashesh
    Yeah I’m on it as well, but I explained on my post I was not satisfied with it.

    4 April, 2009 at 10:40 pm

  3. I would have love to attend the slavery one … hey i hav tagged u

    5 April, 2009 at 8:53 am

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