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CRPE presentation at UoM

It was a fine Tuesday. The Lab session was officially canceled, giving us time to work on our application demo next week. Time to have a nice time working collaboratively with friends before the Software Engineering class was to start.

Tick tock. Time to head for the class I love the most – Software Engineering, a Practical Approach. However, a pleasant surprise was awaiting me and the other student who was behind me- ” Hi, are you entering the SE class?”. I said Yes and innocently, we sat to listen to the lecture.

Eihhhhhhhh…. we fell on a persentation by Mr SOOBARAH Jagadish, Chairman, The Council of Registered Professional Engineers of Mauritius (CRPE). Ahem ahem, presentation of high level! Finally some cool stuff on Core Engineering…..Very enthusiastic,  my attention was being focused on the theme and style of presenting.

The event immediately started, with not too many academics in the Lecture Theatre. We could notice the Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Dean of Faculty of Science and amongst others. The Dean of FOE provided brief information about the Faculty. What we noticed is that she mentioned that all the Departments of FOE are pure Engineering, except for Computer Science and Engineering and the department of Textile Technology. These two are more on Computer Science and Technology. Yeps, this list confirms, no BEng(Hons) courses by the respective departments. I wonder if  it would be better if the Computer Sc. & Engineering course would had been BEng or BTech (I got the scholarship for BTech Computer Science from Indian Authorities)? Would a 4-year engineering course produce better Computer Scientists?

Then the impressive CV of Mr SOOBARAH Jagadish. The gentleman, Director of Civil Aviation (if I am not mistaken).

Finally the presentation. There were 50 slides around. The pace of presentation was not good since not enough time given to read the main points. I do not appreciate skipping of slides. The design of the slides was not up to the professional level. Nothing impressive.

However the talk delivered and its quality were very high. We learnt much about the Engineering Council and accreditation of Engineers – to obtain CEng or Chartered Engineer. Mr. Soobarah narrated cases where persons wanted to be recognised for CEng but not meeting the requirements by the accrediting body and how the matter was settled in court and court’s ruling on it. A minimum of 2 years working experience is required in order to be a registered Professional Engineer. An informative FAQ is set up on CRPE Mauritius website.

The main topic of the presentation was about the draft bill of Engineering Council in Mauritius. One amendment is having a representation from UoM to be present in the council.

Then after this briefing of the presentation, got the opportunity to watch a group photo session of AISEC Mauritius members who are also on Twitter and Facebook! cool..

3 responses

  1. How come u always manage to attend such interesting talks? I missed this one as well :S

    16 April, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    • Ben, me also I missed one – AISEC. My friend told me it was interesting!
      well the problem is you cannot be at 2 talks at the same time, unless you virtualise 😀 lol

      17 April, 2009 at 4:14 pm

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