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How to Achieve IT excellence?

Today I joined IT which is a community where professionals interested in IT connect and communicate to share knowledge. Browsing the interesting blog posts and articles, I found one very tempting to download and read:

IT excellence: Achieving optimised business outcomes -an Economist Intelligence Unit report, sponsored by SAP.

The article focuses on how leading companies enable IT to perform optimally.

Ms Mulders believes that IT excellence connotes different things to different companies. “You have to start with ‘What are we trying to do as a corporation?’” she says. Since Dow Corning is “focused very heavily on customer relationships,” she says, for her company IT excellence means “that IT and the businesses are marching to the same priorities and initiatives—that IT is partnering with the businesses to deliver value for our customers.” IT excellence simply means achieving the right balance between IT value and IT cost.

According to Applied Materials CIO Ron Kifer, the firm’s investments in IT are enabling business strategies and creating differentiation. “Our leadership is committed to the idea that IT is vital to business strategy,” says Mr Kifer. “But IT excellence is also very important.” At his company, he says, that means more than merely enabling business strategies—it also means “taking a leadership role” in business and process improvement, if not transformation.


Using an outsourcing approach for enabling business is beneficial because it allows for a more flexible and cost-effective staffing model that can adjust rapidly to changes in the business environment. Outsourcing frees internalresources to focus on value-added core competencies such as change leadership, process optimisation and technology innovation.

What other interesting stuffs I’ve learnt so far concerning strategic use of IT is that

Today’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) must understand technology well, speak the language of senoir management, and involve their personnel in finding innovative ways of using IT to efficiently and swiftly deploying new business ideas.

4 responses

  1. Veelasha

    Hi Ashesh,

    Nice and interesting blogpost..
    Just want to point out something called “Emotional Intelligence”.
    We are not focusing on just IQ anymore. For anyone who wants to take up a managerial position, EQ is one of the qualities that companies are looking for.

    Veelasha 🙂

    28 April, 2009 at 3:42 am

  2. Hi Veelasha! Thanks for dropping your first comment!

    I first encountered the term Emotional Intelligence in my Organisation and Management module, under the chapter Leadership. I quote:

    “Goleman (1996) defines emotional intelligence as a person’s awareness of the appropriate emotions, how to manage and use them, in dealing with people in various situations.”

    To be effective in leadership wisdom would mean being very high on emotional intelligence. As you rightly said, for managerial positions one need to be aware of one own’s emotions and those of others, and be able to manage them when responding to other people feelings.

    BTW, are you emotionally intelligent? 😀

    28 April, 2009 at 4:34 am

  3. Veelasha

    Hmm.. I would go for a ‘yes’. One has to adapt in order to survive!
    At the moment, am only working on small group projects. It’s a different game when you have to deal with the big sharks 😛

    I am not going to turn the question back to you, because i already know the answer :):)

    28 April, 2009 at 4:41 am

    • ha, you know me well you!

      To deal with big sharks, that’s why the uni offers us to go and get a real work experience of 6 months in companies. Mine is starting as from July 09.

      I am eager to test how well I am able to manage my emotions and also be managed by an experienced leader. Well just have to wait for the exams to complete…

      28 April, 2009 at 5:03 am

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