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Our ‘Littoul’ Software Team

For the Yearly module Structured Systems Development, we have to present software demo which assesses our understanding of the concepts taught in the lectures and practical experience in the labs. The criteria used for the demo are:

  • Proper running of system
  • User friendliness
  • Types of controls used other than textbok and buttons
  • Proper Validation
  • Reports
  • Outstanding functionalities like splash screen and progress bar

The emphasis was clearly on Proper running of the system (correct manipulation of data, handling of errors, correct link between different forms etc.).

After 1 week of hard work (nearly min three hours everyday to 6 hours on the project), our ‘Littoul Souftware Team’ gave birth the much awaited masterpiece:

So the big question: How was the development in Team experience?

Personally for me, this was a unique opportunity for software development in Team. The tasks had been distributed as:

Member 1: coding & Crystal Reports

Member 2: Validation coding and Testing

Member 3: Database administrator & Documentation

Honestly, with each member determined and willing to give his best for the project, the Team experience was great!

Coding Horror has an interesting article on: “In Programming, One is the Loneliest Number“. As a lonesome programmer, the Internet is your only friend. MSDN Forums and Google Search are your source of programming knowledge on the internet. You wait when desperately you get a reply to a problem which you cannot solve. However here’s the key point:

What good are nifty coding tricks if you can’t show them off to anyone? How can you possibly learn the craft without being exposed to other programmers with different ideas, different approaches, and different skillsets? Who will review your code and tell you when there’s an easier approach you didn’t see?

Now in the reactions of the post, we read arguments for working alone on software projects but honestly I prefer to work in a team where I can learn and share the joy of crafting software. But then, we would need to have team of freelancers? euhh, decent freelance programmer, if you interested to work collaboratively on projects, let’s keep in touch!

Egoless Programming

Another event to highlight from the presentation experience is: you are presenting before a lecturer who will thoroughly analyse you work and will ask you questions even much in a much more advanced way than a lawyer trying to counter-argue the defendant. Well, my way of handling the situation was ‘Ok we have a bug here, we think we need to add an equal to to make it work’ i.e no arguing to try to convince that you have not make mistakes, to admit that you have not used other SQL Like statements etc. Here’s another quote from “The Ten Commandment of Egoless Programming“:

You are not your code. Remember that the entire point of a review is to find problems, and problems will be found. Don’t take it personally when one is uncovered.


It has been a pleasure and honour to form part of “The Littoul Software Team”. Online collaboration and communication technologies has permitted us to equally share the load of work in a time where there are other assignments and exams revision coming. It feels nice to having formed part of another winning-team!

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress,
and working together is success,”
– Henry Ford

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