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Last uni week, last lectures


We are actually at the university at the Week 15, the last week of the academic year. The last lectures gonna proceed in this week, followed by the Final exams. You will get to hear during the last lectures:

“I have been talking for 30 weeks, now you talk a bit” or

“OK, today is the last lecture, so I give you the answer!” etc.

Amongst other last lectures, let me describe the one that is most interesting, the one that  truly deserve ovation at the end of the class. He is not a typical technology one who comes and uses RGB/laptop to “read” the slides and press on Next, Next, Next…… If your guess is right, then let me confirm, yes, its the Human Resource Management lecturer. I have blogged on the first day experience. And today, after nearly 30 weeks of 3hrs per week lecturing, here we are. Its a bit difficult to narrate the whole experience but let’s give a try to summarise it as informatively as possible.

Kicking your ass

Definitely, its a module where you cannot sit and let your mind wander, you will be caught and teased! You better concentrate and give your maximum attention to what is being explained. You might never know when today will be your turn to answer questions. Do not give stupid answers, you can be as ill-treated as “You are a Bullshit!” or “What nonsense is this? Should I spoonfeed you or breast feed you?”.

In the lecture theater, you have to Think over the subject matter. Sometimes even worst you are given to attempt to explain something before having actually received the explanations. He goes “You, What’s your good name? can you try to explain to me, what is ……..?”

Abstract Thinking

This is a feature that I also noticed at the seminar of Mr. Sadek Ruhmaly. The academics talk about academic stuff and hard reality in a very crude, honest way and using a jargon that force you to check for the vocabulary in a dictionary at night!

Hard work is the key

You are given an amount of research papers, articles, book chapters to read. You try to read and understand. It is not always fun to read papers from LSE professors or top academics. You have to read once, twice or discuss the paper with a friend, to ask them what they understood.

The last lecture

“This has been a fantastic year!” he started with the last lecture speech. The class giggled. Then he uttered the true version of what he meant: We were not an extra-ordinary class, lecturer-relationships have changed, student attitude have changed, it has not been the same as the previous years. I apologise for teasing sometimes, but I think we need to laugh. If you see me passing by in the future, please do say a Hi as I hate when students don’t do it (another giggle), its a sign of disrespect. I would personnaly stop and talk to you, “Hi, How are you? How is it going?” I wish you Bon Courage in your life (emphasis on Life) and would not wish you Good luck, since I don’t believe in Luck, I believe in HARD WORK.

with these words, he deserved the admiration of the whole class by a 3-minutes clapping of hands together and watching him exiting the lecture theatre.

5 responses

  1. Naizlah

    A lecturer to be remembered all the time. He made difference in many students’ life. Mine for sure.

    28 April, 2009 at 7:44 pm

  2. Mine too 😀

    28 April, 2009 at 8:12 pm

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  4. yudish

    Hi ashesh.Do u hv any news abt Mr dirpal?

    16 November, 2010 at 2:07 am

    • am tempted to blog on ‘Final University Week, the last Lecture!’

      16 November, 2010 at 6:18 am

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