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Academic Doping: for or against?

“Academic doping” is asking a doctor or health care professional for a legal, stimulant prescription medication that will give the child the “boost” parents or the student himself/herself feel they need to reach their full potential and become what we are certain they can become. The motive is commendable; the method is certainly cause for concern.

At the uni campus, we notice pamphlet distribution of Revitalose, used for the relief of fatigue, stress and to be fortified during the exams period and interestingly to be able to remain awake for burning the midnight oil.

From Drug News website, “Like steroids for the brain, college students everywhere have discovered a miracle drug that seems to solve all their study problems. No longer must they waste time sleeping, they can study twice as fast and remember twice as well.”

We also notice the advertising by local drugstores of products available over-the-counter which claim to increase focus and mental-processing speed, and decreases fatigue. Some examples of brand names include (but are not limited to):

  • Memorex
  • Leciton
  • Bio-optimum

However what are the side – effects of these drugs?

  • Loss of Creativity
  • Dependence of the drug
  • anxiety disorder

In the series Boston Legal, there was an interesting case of Academic doping: Jerry and Katie take on the case of an ambitious student fighting to maintain her acceptance to Harvard after being disqualified for using a brain-enhancing drug during her SATs.

What is your opinion of taking drugs for the exams period – is it of help or something that is harmful to your health?

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