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Boo Hoo – its code!

Ok fine, I have not been blogging on the Freelance Category, I admit. Let me share a bit of this experience…Well recently (4th May), I was in the process of delivering the product required to be developed.

Unfortunately, the client’s Pen – drive was infected and I have to use Flash Disinfector to solve the problem.

After copying the code files, my browser was opened to show a tab full with VB.NET codes. To my great surprise, I got the reaction just shown as in the blog post picture! I wanted to talk a bit about the code assuming that the client has an interest in programming in general and that knowing a bit about another language apart from JAVA, wou Hld be informative for the client. But alas, I had to close the tab in order to complement the unwillingness to view codes. I did not had any other options rather than to swith the demonstrating the functionality of the desired software to be developed. Phew…….

Personally, this has been an enhancing experience to “toy” a bit with Netbeans  6.5 IDE which I find more interesting that Eclipse and JCreator. Another enhancing experience is downloading repositories from and getting acquainted with gibhub where one can create repository. Github has been developed by Linus Torvalds (who hates CVS btw) and used for Kernel Development for 7 years + now.

Will keep posting on the Freelance experience, as the momentum will be regained as soon as the exams over! phew got some projects pending in the list. Till then, keep connected…

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