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UoM Practical Training 2009

Finally, here is the much awaited blog post on Practicums. It all started with describing sandwhich courses, the opportunity to work with 2 private telecommunication company until the biggest Competitor in the field, Orange Business Services came up with another interesting intern proposal. However, there came more offers. Yes, the another ones were during the “End of Exams” party organised by our class (Boys’ Squad).

The party was indeed necessary to unwind from exams stress (or recover from #examflu). It would be fun to watch the final of Champions League: Manchester United v/s FC Barcelona with loyal fans supporting Man U and Liverpool/Arsenal Fans converting into Barca.

The another 2 ones comprised of 4) working with open source technologies under the supervision of a web consultant 5) the second company just had an interviewing session over the phone. I was asked to describe software/web development projects on which I have worked and formed part of a team.

Just after a brief moment of relaxing at home a bit, came the start of month June. Time to jump from the world of academia and be ‘sur le terrain’! Currently I have chosen company 4. My job responsibilities include administering open source web applications like wordpress, integrating the designed template obtained for UK designers, working on the problems obtained by the editing team and implement solutions to the technical glitches that may have occured during installation.

Today is the first week I have been enjoying the team work and its absolutely cool till now! Let me describe a bit the enriching experience of the first days of work:

1 June, Day 1: Phew, the view of all these people working in cubicles as I enter. My supervisor(French) introduces me to the team. After much “Nice meeting you!”, then presentation of the our office space for Development work. There meeting with programmers and the Project Manager (French).

Then a personal meeting with the Project Manager outside the office to introduce me personally. Damn, his questions were the best of all the interviews that I have been yet. As usual I was honest and tried to answer the technical questions as well as the management questions. Then came the CEO of the company. Damn! He is apparently a very serious guy (French) and the conversation started by describing the purpose of the internship. After the meeting, then back in the office. I got the required documents to work on and I had to install the required software.

Tweets: – This is very important for the company since it is in the Travel Industry.

2 June, Day 2: Not working from the office but a bit in the ‘teleworking’ style.

3 June, Day 3: Administrative tasks at the office -> filling of MRA’s Employee Declaration Form (EDF), obtaining access card to the office, obtaining employee rules and regulations. The CEO is also a cool guy, he sometimes get to crack jokes and interact with employees. However his assigned task should be done in time.


Was damn tired this day!

4 June, Day 4: Conference with a new collaborator in China. New tasks added in the workspace.

Well, here it is a bit of the first impresssions of the few starting days of the ‘real work experience’. The fun has just begun. Still more lot to go. To get started, today I have to return the placement form which has been filled by my Manager to my Programme Coordinator at uni. Excited to walk in the campus this time as a Sandwhich student enjoying the curry in the sandwhich!

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  1. Naizlah

    Pretty heavy days after party.

    9 June, 2009 at 12:37 pm

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