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E-Learning in Mauritius

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This is a post still under construction. The aim is to ponder about the advantages and disadv of eLearning, the possibility of implementing such a system in Mauritian Education system. Your ideas are most welcomed.

The case of eLearning in Mauritius

  1. National Computer Board’s Presentation on “E-Learning: Challenges and Opportunities For Mauritius
  2. An Interactive E-Learning Tool for kids in Mauritius from University of Technology, Mauritius
  3. Ebene SSS Boys – eLearning Portal :
  4. E-Learning in a Small island State: The case of Mauritius by Prof. Indurlall Fagonee

3 responses

  1. the concept of e-learning has been adopted in numerous schools world wide ( noticeably in the UK & USA) where practically each & every academic institution(be it primary,secondary or tertiary) has such a platform/portal. Adopting such a concept here in Mauritius seems a definitely great idea;

    1) the tools required to set up such a thing are free & relatively easy to use( moodle, etc)+
    2) All homework & notes would be available online- so if you are absent then no problem!
    3) The system is very modern & could represent itself as a more interesting way of learning for the students.
    4) Since I have tried using moodle for my school, their are numerous fun modules available on the application such as learning clubs, online quiz, polls, various widgets & applications, online assessments etc!
    5) More efficient, time saved in classroom, teachers only have to explain while notes would be available online.
    well these are the basics but im certain there are many more advantages!

    as for the disadvantages:
    1) based on how it worked out in my school: – Most of the teachers werent interested- they considered it as an absolute waste of time.
    2) Not all students & teachers as well have access to the internet( solutions could be thought of – e.g- the school allow students to access the net( some schools dont even have net.connection tho- absolutely ridiculous since we are supposed to be a cyber island!!
    3) Will the teachers want to upload the notes? (wasnt the case in my school- I had to do it- their answer to this request was: extra work = extra time= extra money= 0lala 😉
    4) Many of the teachers & students arent IT literate enough( solution suggested by Ashesh= formations)
    5) the fact of notes being online could encourage absenteeism( my answer= the notes can be there but the oral explanation that accompanies it is equally important & can only be provided by the teacher in the classroom!
    well again there are other drawbacks…u can list them

    An alternative would be…instead of having an e-learning portal for each school, why not a national e-knowledge centre with notes (which are the same every where at the end of the day) & other miscalleneous stuffs that we no longer teach at school today (history(apart from the dutch , french etc)+culture-basically anything) but is important for the overall development of the student!

    26 August, 2009 at 11:40 am

    • Hi Tariq, Welcome to my blog!
      Thanks for the very insightful advantages and disadvantages..

      26 August, 2009 at 11:53 am

  2. E-learning FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26 August, 2009 at 11:42 am

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