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Today Morning, had the chance to be at Dad’s office. I had an interesting talk there with one of the officers who know me since childhood. And my this blog post is based entirely on this discussion.

In fact, the discussion started with Drama workshops being organised in primary and secondary schools. More details on the subject matter can be found on Ministry’s website concerning the Press Communiqué: Inter-Primary School and Inter-College Drama Competition 2009 (Mauritius and Rodrigues). I wanted a feedback of how is it going with the workshops being organised at the colleges/ primary schools and what about the new supply-coach being recruited for this competition??? And that is where the interesting point started…

you know Ashesh, once the son of a colleague came in my office. He is from Royal College Curepipe and is competing for State Scholarship. THE GUY COULD NOT EVEN HAD A NICE CONVERSATION WITH ME. Il était comme-si complétement immersé dans ses livres et le monde intellectual. I even wonder if he is aware of the term: “participating in extra-curricular activities organised by the school”. In the end, I told his Dad: Let your son break this introvertness by doing some theatre. This will greatly develop his personality for his whole life.


I completely agreed with the advice given.Personally, this was my case: during the primary school days, I was the guy who is most shy to talk with others (girls specially). My ears would become red if I would look in the eye of a girl class mate and I would find 101 ways to avoid talking to girls.

Then my life took a turning point when I was put to an audience of 300+ people to talk with on the stage, with lights spotted on you and so many eyeballs and observing your acting and appreciating your talent. I was even once interviewed in one of India’s TV Channel and I had to answer the journalist whilst I was a primary school guy (Standard 5)!!!

Honestly today,  I am satisfied of my communication skills. Some people complain that I talk too loud (that’s my normal tone, pal) but this is to ensure that my voice reaches my audience. For instance my presentations: First presentation at uni, AccountingBarcamp Ile Maurice 2Marketing, HRM, and last but not the least: Software Engineering!

Today, I had the great honour of presenting E-Learning philosophy and L’Internet pour tous to the staff of a secondary school. I was honestly very much stressed on the eve (during which I did a presentation on Google conference for) as I had prepared the powerpoint during a short time. But it was a nice shot. When I entered the lecture theatre, I did not panick and I was shy to present myself (an ex-student of MGI) to Head of Department Staff. And the mega lol part was that: I did not hesitate to use the lecturing style of Mr. Dirpal, geeky style of Mr. A. Meetoo and sarcastic style of Dr. House!

So you, yes you, why have the pain of adopting the obscure style of mad carrot man 6!!??!! 😆

Develop the communication skills, join the UoM Drama Club, and do not hesitate to speak to your audience!!!

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    9 September, 2009 at 8:04 pm

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