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My First International Conference participation

Data Centre Strategies Mauritius 2009 has been organised by the Board of Investment, in collaboration with Broadgroup consulting. The Agenda for the 2-day event can be found on broadgroup’s website.


Very nice atmosphere in the conference Hall. The giant screen broadcasting an underwater diving clip was wonderful!

My First impression: Waow, I learnt a lot during these 2 days. It was absolutely well organised, well disciplined and global experts on the topic present at the conference hall of Four Point Sheraton Business Hotel.


Mahen, the master of ceremony on day 2

A bit hats off to Mahen Govinda of BOI, who is the ‘Mastermind’ of organising this event very professionally.

Got the opportunity network also with a South African Hosting company – Hetzner, who have 10+ years in the hosting business.


Hetzner directors from South Africa

It was also great to talk business with the Director of a Mauritian Hosting company.

Secondly, it was also a very, very cool, jovial and happy atmosphere. With most of the professional speakers also having a good sense of humour.. There was also a Great Gala Dinner organised where we enjoyed a lot the Bollywood show.

Thirdly, my favourite presentations were on :

  • Steve Wallage – his nice pace of presenting, I was absolutely amanzed by that. He knew his slides well..
  • the presentation of the Mauritius Eco-Park Project (maybe the main reason why I wanted to
  • come to the conf.),
  • DSC00017

    Mr. Iqbal presenting the land based oceanic project

  • Data Centres: New Trends  – Virtualisation and Cloud Computing
  • DSC00018

    Nitin Shan presenting benefits of cloud computing

  • Business Continuity Management
  • European Commission Presentation on Code of Conduct for Data Centres (mainly because he was funny)
  • Dr. Ian Bitterlin, the Specialist. was absolutely amazed by his expertise

It was a good experience to network with key IT professionals in the country and internationally. Opportunity cropped up to have professional discussion with them during lunch time or during the tea break!

I wish, the guys are right now, enjoying the Cocktail and Dinner at Ile aux deux Coco – Blue Bay! 😀

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