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BCS Graduation Ceremony 2009


Well, it was my first opportunity to assist to a Graduation Ceremony. It was absolutely superb! During 2 years at the Réduit campus, it was amazing to see how beautifully the graduates were ‘in the coulisses’ getting the instructions for the Graduation. Well, today I am proud, I was part of a Graduation ceremony (despite not wearing the gown)

I admit, we (whole family) were a bit surprised and maybe tensed also for all the formalities for the ceremony. I mean: there were lots of rules written in the invitation letter – you cannot come late on the ceremony, you cannot bring children less that 10 years in the hall, need to be nicely dressed, only a formal handshake to be given to the conferrer and no kissing etc etc.

I arrived at around 12: 15 and joined by friends who were obtaining their Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma. Then we obtained instructions to align ourselves according to our prizes. Certificate – row 3, Diploma – row 2, Graduate Diploma/ Honours – row 1.

After having waited for the Chief Guests to arrive (included ICT Minister Hon. Asraf Dullull), they joined us, in the coulisses. BCS Executive members were in nice blue gown, whilst the special guests in red.

At 13:10, the parade started. There was a music in the background and everybody in the hall standing up during this process.

As usual, Some Speeches…

Then the conferment of awards.

It was a great honour for me to be awarded by a UTM academic.

Then Vote of Thanks by Chief Examination Officer BCS, Mrs Sharon Hurd

Then Photo taking time

Finally refreshments….




Now, me gonna get ready for the BCS IT Personality Award 2009!

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