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The New Business Angel

This is a follow up of the blog post: Mauritian Technopreneurs.

There was another meeting (1st one being only with Technopreneurs for the presentation of projects) “a la BOI” for the allocation of resources to the projects. This is the first time where we saw the Business Angels.

After the reserved meeting with investors only, we all gathered up (with some minutes late than actually planned) to start the allocation of projects. I was excited to know on which project I was allocated. We were given the choice to select the projects in which we wanted to work (3 projects out of 8 with no 1 being the project priority).

And the verdict came: I was allocated Project No. 2!


Time to meet the Business Angel, who is supposed to be our Captain…


The guy was simply pessimistic about the Project. 😦

Then the decision came, after consulting the BOI facilitator to have a new Business Angel for the project. And then…..the adventure took another “tournure”!

Business Angel

We now have The New Business Angel!

The first meeting with him was held yesterday. It was a great meeting, up to the professional level! Yeah, this I can assure you.

Actually amongst all the CEOs (Mauritians specially) that I have met yet, he is the most charismatic one, I should say.

Highlights of the meeting:

  • Coming on time
  • Welcome by his personal secretary
  • Welcome in a very nice CEO Office – I was actually amazed by 1) the simplicity of the Office and 2) the nice view of Rose-Hill, Reduit from there
  • Professional Handshake creating the Halo effect
  • and last but not the least: the conversation.

I was stunned and pleasantly impressed by the mastery of the CEO of “The Art of Asking Questions“.

At the end of the meeting, just like I was impressed after meeting Prof. Sudarshan Jugessor (Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mauritius), I told him “It was a great honour to be working with you, Sir”.

BTW, here’s a nice pic from National Geographic Contest:

National Geographic picture (International Photography Contest)

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