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Bandit Monkey escaped from Prison!

Okie sorry for a bit late for my blog post. I hope the above pic would cheer you up. So……let’s comment a bit on then this week..

UoM resumed on Monday.. New modules, new lecturers.

Dr. Sannasee is our lecturer for the module International business mgt. The tall man with a blue tie pointed out some rules about this course, like do not come fifteen minutes late else dnt dare to enter the class. Info on the module content was given and we finshed early. Personally I like the subject topic since I have always been a fan of Macro-economics. In fact I fell in love at first sight when my Eco teacher started the first chapter in Macro Eco.

Then meeting with friends, phew the UoM cafetaria is jam-packed!!!

The second day, another new lecturer for Strategic Management. A nice one, in pink outfit…

Thursday, the famous CSE module at phase 2 building. This module I have studied most of the content in BCS’s Mangement Information Systems module. The exams which I sat in Oct 2009 ‘with much difficulty’ since I was at Practical training 2009.

Friday, a serious meeting at work…hmmm i hate it whn product deadlines are fast approaching and you have to answer the CEO.

However the same day, a good news: BCS higher education exams results are out!!!

Instantly in my mind:

  • ‘kas paker’ in professional issues
  • Fail in MIS module

Yes, fail because this was the first time i left an exams room so early before the end of the 3 hour paper.

Howeava upon checking the online results …… Whops…nice surprise

For the professional issues module, which is among the most difficult modules in bcs exams, i realised how difficult it is to gain marks. I gave my best shot for that paper.

Another week milestone is that i have been doing lot of web devlepment these days…

Check out my updated portfolio..

that’s all for now folks, Keep Connected!

(am happy to type this blog post on the WordPress iPhone App. Then I modify the blog post status from Local Draft to Draft on The app uploads the content which I have just to edit online and then publish! Mobile Computing Rocks 🙂 )

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