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Hi Folks!

The first week of February has been characterised for me, much by being in the Mauritian Media.

We had the opportunity to be behind the development of the first Web 2.0 online presence of local Theatre Troup in Mauritius:

Well, it was a great opportunity to be in nearly all the media in Mauritius:

  • MBC TV
  • MBC Radio
  • Local Newspapers
  • Local Magazines

The website’s pressroom is constantly being updated by latest articles being published about the full-length play.

Secondly, as a Theatre Guy, it was a very enjoyable day on the Gala Show: Thursday 04 Feb. 2010. We had lots of fun, fun and fun. It was true that having 2 performances on the same day is tiresome. However all members of the troup did their best. It was a unique opportunity to be playing with professional artists like: D. Jeewooth (Naya Ayaam, Director – Bandi Court Metrage), S. Seeparsad (Professional Actor in C ‘est La Vie), Rooma (Best Actress), V. Hurry (A reknown singer in Mauritius), Raj (the guy with whom u don’t joke sur scene) and many other new actors….

The Academy has received a positive feedback from the Audience and Theatre goers. Suggestions on how to improve some aspects of the play also have been welcomed. Let’s hope that there will be an updated schedule for the play. Let’s get back on Stage!

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