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Wishing you a Pious Maha Shivratree 2010

Hi folks!

Last year’s blog post on Maha Shivratree 2009 was particular. This was so because of the opportunity of joining a group which has been going for pilgrimage for several years. The whole family is involved in this festivity. The opportunity of carrying a classic ‘kanwar’ was also unique.

This year 2010: our group went with no kanwar. Well, this was maybe due to time constraint of the members. However the ‘bhakti’ is always here to go to pilgrimage.

On Monday 1st Feb at 6.30 pm we took blessings and departed from our village, Triolet. It was encouraging to find different shiv bhakts offering seva to the kanwarthis. This was in form of serving juice, water, fruits or simply providing some space under a tent to relax for some minutes before regaining the walk.

I was lucky to be able to use the Google Maps application to track the distance still to be covered and also the exact location currently where we are.

This year, the displeasing feature that I noticed is that our group members took breaks longer than we were usually taking say 45 mins. instead of 10 mins. Maybe this was due to the fact that we were without kanwar.

Tuesday Morning ->

Having a nice Hot Coffee. Notice the Towel: The coffee was really really hot..

Near Mare aux Vacoas, some kanwarthis already returning:

At around 9.00 a.m, started Heavy Rainfall!

This was in the last 1.5 km of Ganga Talao. Really Heavy rain drops pouring on us. We asked ourselves: is it a ‘warm’ welcome?? 🙂

After getting refreshed for some time and observing the really nice atmosphere at G.Talao, Time for Puja. This was the moment I really adored. Puja went extremely well.

Now on way return, Since I had to go to work on Wednesday (snif snif) , had to return back on the same day (Tuesday night). With an genius arrangement by car, a kanwarthi friend and I reached Vacoas to reserve the place where we are used to stay at night. Interestingly despite having so many police officers on the road, this particular day they simply ‘tourne figir’ and let it go. Again here, the utility of Google Maps in tracking the way back to vacoas.

Then Dad came to fetch me and the next day at work: yiaaaaaaahhhh, pas en pleine form. CEO even gave helping hand to do ‘etirement des muscles’. That was nice of him. And colleagues discussing the traffic jam caused by the pilgrims.

Wednesday night then back to Hindu House and Thursday the final return to our village. Got the opportunity to finally taste the famous biryani being offered at Solitude .. hee hee

In the way back mom joined us.

For the Char pahar ki puja, with me white kurta, got the opportunity to do only 2 pahars this year. Given that the Saturday was a working day 😦 Also had the opportunity to explain some visitors at the shivala about Maha Shivratree. Here’s their website link:

Finally some pictures:


Can you count 7 Maur in ths Kanwar??

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