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UoM Research Week 2010

This week at the University has been characterised by most lecturers being involved in the Research Week. Extract from the Research Week Website:

Research Week 2009–2010 (RW 2009/2010) aims at bringing to the attention of researchers and the general public the contribution to the advancement of the frontiers of knowledge including contributions to the national development. This event gives faculty and students a chance to share some of their latest work with the university community and to provide new researching ideas to the world. This initiative of the University of Mauritius aims at promoting Research & Development activities to create an innovation culture for the future economic success of the country.

Another interesting Interview with Prof S. Rughooputh, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Convenor of the UOM Research Week 2009-2010 can be found on the UoM Communication Studies blog

Concerning the presentations, the one that would interest me would that’s of Wednesday 17’s afternoon, of course because of the ICT department. Interesting presentation which I would had loved to go would be on e-commerce and conducting online survey.

Another interesting feature of the Research week is the workshops organised. I personally enrolled for the SPSS workshop because of the use of the software for Final Year Dissertation (yeps, have to blog on the preparation for the dissertation).

Overall the workshop was hyper information. Especially with Dr. Bhoojawon from the Faculty of Science/ Mathematics who has a passion for teaching and going on and on. Had the chance to do the module STAT 1010 with him. I had instantly tweeted about the participation rate in this workshop: not only from students, but from externals also. This proves that much training on SPSS is on a high demand on the campus. We wonder whether Research Methodology lecturers efficiently conduct tutorials on this software.

That’s all for now folks..

will blog on Dissertation and the new Final Year modules soon…

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