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An enhancing experience

Firstly, I would like to thank those regular readers who take time to enjoy informative articles on my personal blog. It is encouraging to receive their offline comments at the University. It’s a nice pleasant surprise to discover class mates or friends who have a quick scan of the articles from time to time. And to them, I would encourage you dear folks, start Blogging on anything that passionates you! Me, am passionate about sharing the goodness of being a UoM student, Freelance Web Developer. So let’s begin:

Sharing the goodness of being a UoM Student:

I enjoy the new Elective module for the new academic year 20092/2010: Business Ethics & Corporate Governance, the class which was held yesterday. This is a class where you have to argue your thoughts and be in active mode. That is, I like the 2-way interaction between the Lecturer and Students. We have the opportunity to further develop our debating skills and improve critical thinking abilities.

As a student, you have to be able to think on your own. Voicing out your opinions and defending your arguments, this is what I like the most in this class. Despite yesterday I had to be at the official launching of a website (which I gonna share in the section below), I did my best to be present in the first part of the class.

Sharing the goodness of being a Freelance Developer:

The second part of the article concerns the accumulation of lots of web development hours recently. I honestly think that Freelancing helps me a lot , asides from earning a pocket money. As a business student, you get to ‘manage your own business’. The commercial experience acquired and the networking opportunities obtained is unique.

My last client’s project, I am proud to have been through an enhancing experience. The project is to have a website for a Society for the Promotion of Urdu which:

  • would permit the organisation to have an online presence
  • to inform about its latest publications in Urdu
  • to promote Mauritian Urdu Literature (poems, drama, poetry etc.) – as noted during the speech of the President of the organisation, a website is a medium where an author can publish even a small piece of literature. It is not necessary to have it published in a book or magazine given it’s small length: like only 1 ghazal.
  • to have a dynamic photo gallery depicting the various activities of the society
  • a guestbook to obtain visitor feedback
  • to have a complete Urdu version of the website where the language lovers throughout all the world can connect and enjoy Mauritian Urdu Literature

Personally, I had a personal satisfaction of working with a Web content development team which is very very serious and professional in their work. Sometimes I had a hard time with the content , since I cannot read Urdu. But overall, it was a nice Team Work and we were able to respect the deadlines. I think the key to the success of this project is: 1. L’amour pour ce qu’on fait (obviously am passionate about Web 2.0) 2. Discipline

Finally a description about the launching held yesterday. It was held at the Islamic Cultural Centre. Its the first time that I went there, Waow, an amazing huge white edifice.

Zahin graciously accepted to come fetch me at the University. At around 15:00, I was warmly welcomed by the Team of the society and immediately proceeded to the powerpoints prepared for the ceremony. I was impressed by the nice powerpoint presentation done by the Web Content developers. It hints to hard work done even on the eve of the launching. This effort is very encouraging for the proper arrangement of the launching. For obvious reasons, I download Mozilla Firefox on the machine for the launching. Then when the Chief Guest: Deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius: Hon. Rashid Beebeejaun came after a few minutes of lateness (co-incidence with Yaum-un-Nabi), the Master of Ceremony welcomed the guests.

The latter was a bit stressed and hands shivering, as she sat next to me, I did my best to pass on some words which would help her gain self-confidence.

I was pretty impressed by Farouq Rujul’s Speech. He had no speech on paper prepared as such and all he was doing was: Speaking Fluently! Hat’s off

Me, despite feeling nervous since the morning, I kept concentrated on the powerpoints and on the order of the events before came the time of the launching. Then finally came the much awaiting moment: the speech by Bashir Nuckchady on the description of the website started.

As the developer, I was presented to the audience and had to manage to do an Aadaab. Felt blushed a bit with the round of applause and being very well presented as a young student at the University of Mauritius.

Then Hon. Beebeejaun was invited to launch the website.

At the same time, the cameraman, photographs all present to surround you, most probably to ‘shoot’ you. After clicking on the powerpoint the website screenshot appeared with bold letters: Congratulations! is now launched! Then the Right. Hon. requested me to show him the website features. I then switched to the Firefox window to open the Live website and started with the description.

After breathing an air of satisfaction on the website developed, Hon. Beebeejaun and I had a small conversation. It was a revelatory one since he expected me to be of 27 years old. He commented:

B ou paret bien mature ou!!!!

Upon receiving firm handshake of congratulations from Hon Beebeejaun and Farouq Rujul, President of Society of Promotion of Urdu, the chief guests regained their seat on stage for the final item in the Agenda: Hon. Beebeejaun’s speech.

To conclude, many thanks to the organisation for believing in me for delivering a satisfactory product on time and within the decided budget. Here we are, another website in the Mauritian web sphere has seen the day!

7 responses

  1. Rashid Neerooa

    i made an humble req or do a last favour : please rearrage the Galleryof anjumanurdu web.

    2 March, 2010 at 6:31 pm

  2. Congrats son! you did an excellent job. You really deserved the round of applaud. Keep it up. Will txt you soon for some ammendments.

    2 March, 2010 at 7:26 pm

  3. Everything in this world, however nasty, happens for some very good reasons. The reasons, unknown to human minds, are clear and distinct for God. So keep moving forward. Do not lose hope. Be positive, think positive.

    2 March, 2010 at 7:30 pm

  4. Sun

    Always a good feeling while delivering a well done job and receiving acknowledgement!!

    Nice read! & The website is nice too!

    30 July, 2010 at 9:33 am

    • thnks sozzz i gonna tweet on the website to be launched by President Jugnaurh today.. keep connected

      30 July, 2010 at 9:43 am

    • Thnks for the comment sozzzzzzzz

      i will tweet and post on the website that is going to be launched by His Excellence, President Jugnauth at the Annual Dinner tonight.

      So keep connected….

      30 July, 2010 at 11:25 am

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