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UoM Fête Nationale 2010!

Hi folks!

Last year’s Fête Nationale (National Day Celebrations) was described in my blog post ‘ a la Capitain Jack Sparrow’ 😉

This year’s celebrations will be at 17:30 at Champ de Mars….Enough time to revise for Business Ethics class test for tomorrow in this fine Friday Morning..

Let us describe the UoM events marking the event of: 42nd anniversary of the independance and 18th anniversary of the Republic of Mauritius

At around 11.30, there was the Flag Raising Ceremony held in the POWA auditorium. The Chief Guest was Mr. Eric Ng Ping Cheun, (Managing Director- PluriConseil). The auditorium hall was very beautifully decorated, you can witness it for yourself:

We had relatively brief speeches from

UoM Vice-Chancellor – Prof. Konrad Morgan (the first opportunity to see him on stage)

Prof. S. Jugessur – Pro Chancellor and Chairman of UoM Council

Representative from the Student Union (the President was absent)

Mr. Eric then read the Prime Minister’s Message which laid emphasis on Discipline and Education. After a rather long and ‘entertaining’ speech of Mr. Eric’s personal speech on the occassion, then came the moment of Flag Raising:

Whilst singing (well, we were all supposed to sing) the National Anthem , the Quadricolor flag was hoisted.  The hall was full with students, staff and non-academics making it their duty, as a Mauritian, to be present for the flag raising:

Then in the Afternoon, was held the UoM MegaShow 2010 at the rear of the UoM Gymnasium. It was organised by Rays Club and Students Union. The show was animated by Elwin, someone UoM students know already. Some snaps:

The theme of the show: Zèness en Fet pu L’inite. Here the fashion show is going…

and this clip, students appreciating the Mauritian Flag being held high, proudly!

The band interpreting : Coldplay’s Shiver and Bob Marley’s  Woman No Cry ….cool atmosphere!

There was also the the group Hazarder presenting their songs..check them out on Facebook . Mystery for me: I wonder if Eric Triton was present for the concert?!?

Anyway, That’s all for the time being….

Happy Independance Day to all Mauritians, local and abroad!

Vive la République de L’ile Maurice!

3 responses

  1. Indeed, first time seen prof. conrad morgan ! .. hope get to see him more often ! ..

    Plus from the view you took the pics .. you were near where chaya was sitting ! lolz.. guess u should have seen her there :))

    12 March, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    • Hi Ashfaq!
      Yeah Chaya (where are her pics btw?) and classmates, we were sitting together, and waiting impatiently to get ‘Gato’ after the ceremony 😉

      12 March, 2010 at 4:29 pm

  2. I twitpic-ed 2 or 3 pics of the ceremony.

    27 March, 2010 at 10:59 am

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