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Video Editing skills for University Presentations

Heya folks!!


Well, am in extremely good mood since final presentations for assignments required to be done in group is finally complete! It was a nice Team synergy for the preparation of this big day on Friday 23 April in order to get things done accordingly and within the allocated time frame (approx. 30 minutes for each group presenting).

Basically for group works, it is essential to have Team members communicating well regularly and effectively. A required level of self-motivation and dedication is required to achieve success of the collaborative work. One of the most memorable team work (amongst various) carried out during remains: Our ‘Littoul’ Software Team. Secondly, it is important to understand the question and discuss out in group, the best possible solution or approach of answering the question(s). Then comes assignment of tasks and setting up of deadlines so that smooth progression towards completing on time is done. Proper guidelines (Harvard Referencing system, acceptable plagiarism ratio) on drafting the final report must be respected. Also the powerpoint being prepared for presentation must be of quality. A proper rehearsal of the final presentation is very practical to do. This will permit someone to gain confidence in developing oratory skills.

Well, amongst the different presentations viewed this week, I would like to stress out on the trend of presenting video reportage before the class. It is very interesting to do some digital video editing capturing real scenes of content related to the assignment like interviews or situation/ product description. Well, I find that it is important for new students joining university to have basic computing skills, that’s why now a certificate demonstrating Computer Proficiency like Internet and Computer Core Certification (IC3) is compulsory. In addition to that, I strongly believe that acquaintance to Web 2.0 is a must: L’internet pour Tous. I often have friends asking about what is an RSS feed, what is Twitter or maybe even don’t know how they can edit or contribute content on Wikipedia.

To move one step further, IMHO, second year students should have reach a level where the use of different media to support their research/ study is not impossible. Why not have a YouTube channel for University of Mauritius? This would permit regular reportage to be done by student/staff and inform the Mauritian public and the world about the research being done at the University and its major milestones.

The problem starts with students having basic equipment, skills for video editing. As part of the solution, I had made an appeal for the first University Lipdub of University of Mauritius, now being equipped with its Multimedia Studio.

So folks, go ahead, take your mobile phone cameras if no camcorder available, and shoot! Various video editing software are available:

To have more fun with cool video effects, check out the tutorials of Adobe After effects on

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