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My Fav iPhone apps – May 2010

Heyya Folks! Howdy??

Here’s a review of some of nice applications running on my white iPhone 3GS. Have a look, share some more apps if you have enjoyed them or would like to review them..

(Starting from newest app)

1. Spartacus Blood and Sand

Spartacus 3D Fight Game - Gladiators

Based on the Starz Original TV series “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” this 3D fighting game allows players to engage in intense combat as our Thracian hero fights for survival and freedom. Experience realistic 3D characters, settings, and weapons, all based on the original show! Customize a variety of fight conditions including: characters, locations, difficulty, time settings, and more!

For me this is a Game based on 300, the movie and Gladiator. I adore the 3D fighting. In fact, i admit, am getting difficulty to defeat all the warriors in Survival mode 😦

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2.  Angry Birds

Angry Birds puts players in control of a flock of avian assassins. These angry birds are desperate to reclaim their eggs from some pesky thieving pigs. At the beginning of each Angry Birds game scenario, players receive a number of birds to use as projectile weapons. The birds are fired from a catapult to smash into the pigs and blast through their fiendishly created hideouts

I spend hours on this game sometimes 🙂

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3. FIFA World Cup 2010

I prefer the FIFA World 2010 than FIFA 2010. I find the controls are much better in World Cup and hence a better gaming experience. The official game for iPhone rocks! The best part about the game is its graphics. The football grounds are made similar to resembles as the actual South Africa ground. It will give u a better idea of grounds and stadium of the beautiful country South Africa. Wanna simulate Fabio Capello?? Choose “Captain your country” mode and it lets you feel proud of leading the world cup team and win the match for your country.

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Enjoy the apps!


and yes, before taking leave, I was able to use the iPhone OS 4 Beta, on Marc‘s iPhone 3G yesterday! Unfortunately have not been able to use the multitasking feature 😦 However tried the new Apps folders feature. Another exciting feature is : All inboxes for email accounts.

Well, me, I have installed iPhone OS 4.0 theme on Winterboard to try out the new look and feel of the new dock.

To view more about the new iPhone OS 4 check out the video: First Look: IPhone OS 4 Beta

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