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La Grippe A at Reduit Campus

Hi folks!

La Grippe A is out there, again!

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Check out this blog post for the case in 2009.

Here is a message from the Vice-Chancellor concerning the situation at the Reduit Campus:

I (Prof. Konrad) am worried about the possible spread of the H1N1 flu with the start of semester (Academic Year 2010/2011) so please could you also make everyone aware that we have free antiseptic hand gel in all building entrances (with wall units on order) and I would encourage everyone to please make sure they read the briefing notes on preventing the spread of the illness that has been prepared by the medical department and will be provided to all students at the start of semester.  I have written to the Ministry of Health asking to come and vaccinate everyone so fingers crossed that they will agree.

Guys and Gurls go and get vaccinated asap! If the staff of the Ministry of Health comes in the campus for more preventive measures, that would be great! When I remember that last year, I had brought masks for the family and when it was funny to avoid handshaking and greeting colleagues during the Practical Training 2009…..

3 responses

  1. Konrad Morgan


    23 July, 2010 at 9:11 pm

  2. “funny to avoid handshaking and greeting colleagues”

    Some people @ my workplace find it funny that I have built a small paper notice board with the “No Handshaking” warning on it… They will only realize its importance when they get it…
    One thing for sure, no one handshakes me at work 😛 haha!

    23 July, 2010 at 10:14 pm

  3. The Ministry of Health & Quality of Life, in collaboration with the UoM, will be carrying out AH1N1 Vaccination Sessions as per the following time-table during this week:



    Faculty/ Centre

    Tuesday 24.08.10

    9.30-15.00 hrs

    FoE & VCILT

    Wednesday 25.08.10

    9.30-15.00 hrs

    FSSH & FoA

    Thursday 26.08.10

    9.30-12.00 hrs

    FoS & CAD

    Friday 27.08.10

    9.30-15.00 hrs

    FLM & CPDL

    Venue: First Aid Post

    All staff and students are encouraged to avail of these vaccination facilities as per the set time-table.

    25 August, 2010 at 7:56 am

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