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Another enhancing experience

(This is a follow up article of : An enhancing experience)

The clock ticks 15:00.

I typed the last end-user test case for the very important chapter on Testing. Finally!

Finally, I was able to complete my dissertation which was to be submitted the next day, Saturday 31 July 2010.

I was relieved.

However, the battle was not over. There was another milestone to be achieved that night.

On Friday, 30 July 2010 was being held the Annual Event “The English Speaking Union, Annual Dinner” at Les Cannelles, Domaine Les Pailles.

I was in a dilemma: What to do?

Option A: Stay at home and Polish the final BCS Professional Project in IT and delegate the website launching to Garaz Developer

Option B: Attend the Annual Dinner with High dignitaries and Government Officials


I had to take a decision.

The decision had to be taken immediately, as the clock will keep on ticking, not wanting to stop for you to decide which march to follow. Luckily and Fortunately, the time spent at the University of Mauritius as a student equipped me for such situations. This is owing to the Management theories learnt in academic setting and the Time Management skilles applied when doing Freelance Web Development with clients.


Tick, tock, Tick tock…..

Let me take a bath..

where is my dark, formal suit???

shit, my shoes are not polished…….


almost got ready

However, wtf!

Slow Internet Connection in Mauritius!

Ok , this phenomenon is a plague. At that time, lots of curses to Orange ISP. To the extent that I event invented new curses. 😀


Still downloading the website on localhost……..

Got a phone call…

It was Garaz Developer “Hey dude, where are you?, you told me you will pick me up at 15.00”

Then I made him understand why we need the latest version of the website for launching and why he also should help me cursing Orange ISP.


Ok. Download a success.

Let’s move to Pailles. Had intended to go for a meeting in order to cross-check my BCS dissertation before final submission. but time constraint.


Arrived at the Indian Restaurant. Time to get ready.

Some bugs found on the localhost version of the website. Need to also do some adjustments with the LCD Projector.

Keep cool..Keep Cool..


saw the appearance of certain guests. Time to Socialise!

Was very impressed by certain personalities coming to meet me and give me a firm handshake “Congratulations for your work!”.

This boosted my self-confidence.


Cocktail and Snacks.

Socialisation process with the guests and eminent personalities.


Ok. I have to find a small place where I could concentrate for the launching. The Chief Guest, The President of the Republic was to arrive in a few minutes. I needed silence and inner calm to be able to THINK ON MY SPEECH for the website launching.


Start of the ceremony.



Launching of the Website –


Website Demo – Je passe a l’action.

I was very dynamic. Attempted to ‘break the ice’ and talk. and then I talked, talked and talked around 5 minutes. I was me and myself.. all the eyeballs were tacked on me and all the hearing attention given to me. It was a moment of Magic! These moments will be written on stone and reminds me of important milestone in my Freelance Web Development Career. I was very proud of being the initiator of ‘Garaz Developer’ and was so happy that the web 2.0 training which started in Nov. 2009, produced its very satisfactory results.


Time to eat – Hariyali Kebab and to Tweet

More Tweets:

  1. Caran d’Ache Saturday, July 31, 2010 6:52:33 AM via Flickr
  2. Gift from ESU Mauritius Saturday, July 31, 2010 6:48:00 AM via Flickr

  3. just arrived at Pailles Saturday, July 31, 2010 6:32:58 AM via Flickr

  4. a few snapshots #english Saturday, July 31, 2010 6:09:23 AM via Twitter for iPhone

The event then continued with the Speech of the International Public Speaking Competition Finalist – Advik Ghoorah from College St. Esprit.

To conclude

It was very nice to obtain positive feedback on the event from well-wishers who watched the broadcast on the MBC TV, Journal Televise – Wednesday 18 August 2010:

at the 14:16 minute of the movie or the YouTube Video:

So many thank-yous. A big one to Garaz Developer, to Anne-Marie from ESU and to the wise old man who give me this unique opportunity to accomplish this milestone at this age.

4 responses

  1. Deeksha PUTTUR

    The situation was a very challenging one indeed, and I must say, your management was too good!

    12 September, 2010 at 1:15 pm

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