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when everybody talk in the panel

As Yashvin has said, there are very good job prospects in the Web Industry in Mauritius. Web Developers (PHP/MySQL together with a knowledge of usage of CMS and framework).

Furthermore, it is inevitable to skip on essential process in job recruitment and selection by the companies/organisations.

The interview process.

Most of us, at one point in time have to go through the ‘pain’ of answering interview questions. This delicate moment might be either for a new job application or for performance appraisal review.

IMHO, interviews should be  done by HR managers. I think that sometimes company directors or a panel consisting of top management executives might not necessarily succeed in the essential process of recruitment and selection.

Based on my personal experience on applying for jobs for next year, let me shed light on this hypothesis.

Let me explain:
A company director or CEO is someone who carefully crafts strategies and makes sure that these are executed. His management philosophies and leadership style creates an organisational culture.

I think a professional in HR is better suited as he/she understands the current employee workforce and as well which type of personality would be most fitting to the team on long term basis.

Secondly interview done by a group of people or panel. I think if administrative procedures are required to have a panel of interviewers, so be it. The latter is led by a Chairperson. The inconvenience i find that either: everybody wants to ask you questions or when the chairperson cannot control the board given the authoritative power and status of the members of the panel.

At infotech 2010, i met a charismatic HR Manager. I think he has a background in Industrial Psychology as well as a good no of years in IT industry evolving in the field of HR. From all the interiews that i had yet, i think if one day that HR manager would screen me as a candidate, I would get to learn much from this experience.

Well, its only the beginning, lets watch and see..

till then, keep connected!

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  1. yudish

    mr dirpal’s back!!!

    28 September, 2011 at 8:22 pm

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