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My year – 2010!

Hello dear blog readers! Still a few hours left for the ‘reveillon’ to start. Amongst family and friends, you will be waiting for the new year 2011 to arrive and to celebrate it by a wonderful display of firecrackers and sending best wishes via SMS or phone calls. So, kindly please allow me, to draw a mosaic of how was My year-2010….

Well, I should say 2010 was a very hectic one where I got the opportunity to ‘grow up’ and act to the level of maturity and experience acquired after leaving the college days and embarking on the new journey of University life.
Student Life

@University of Mauritius

2010 was marked as the final year at the University. The challenges were in the form of assignments and the final dissertation. These were a little bit time-consuming, if not stressful depending on the guidance of the lecturer. I have been happily blogging about the student life and I am proud that students found some posts interesting. My ‘bestest best’  article on UoM remains: Warm Welcome to UoM, Freshers.

Some nice moments captured at the Uni: , Pepsi Marketing in Mauritius

I have written on my blog topics like uni presentations, assignments, exams, uni student life on the reduit campus, end of year party, about modules, lecturers, lectures from guest speakers from abroad etc. There are lots of posts dating since 2008 where I shared the goodness of being a University of Mauritius student, all of which can be accessed via:

@BCS Professional Exams

At the same time, I thought to progress in this Higher Education Qualification by attempting the Professional Project in Information Technology and Software Engineering paper at Professional Graduate Diploma Level.


real challenge was to complete exams morning session at the university and then hurry to MGI for another 3 hour paper or practical exams. this experience, I personally view as disappointing with the pedagogy.

Freelance Web Developer

1. The Technopreneur Programme was organised by the Board Of Investment, Mauritius. They defined the concept of Mauritian Technopreneur and business angel to promote the creation of startups being funded by the Saving Jobs and Recovery fund by the Ministry of Finance. I had the task of doing the project presentation so that the officials (from BOI) can get an idea of how much development has progressed and whether or not the product be authorised for commercialisation in the Mauritian market. The presentation was a very crucial phase and finally, it went fine with the following slides:

2. The Official Launching of the following websites were the major milestones of 2010 in my slowly growing portfolio:

  1. – by Hon. Dr. Rashid Beebeejaun
  2. – by  Hon. Sir A. Jugnauth
  3. – Prof S. Jugessur

Launching by Deputy Prime Minister

English Speaking Union Website Launching
3. Professional acquaintance with Prof. Konrad Morgan – newly appointed Vice-Chancellor of UoM. Exchange of ideas via emails about how to improve the University whether in terms of the redesign of or about students welfare on the campus.

4. Recent contact with UoM Assoc. Prof and Past Minister of Education & Human Resources, Dharam Gokhool for his website.

HSC Best Performance 2006

Hon. Dharam Gokhool awarding me: HSC Best Student Award 2006

Performing Arts

had a 2010 full of schedules for rehearsals and live performances and 1 mbc recording

1. Gala Show full-length play Performance –

2. Full-length play Gala Show and 4 other shows around the island –

3. UoM Diwali Show Kathak Performance

whilst at the same time distractions like the FIFA World Cup 2010 and 2 cousin’s marriage and unstability like General Elections 2010 were there, was difficult to divide the time amongst all these priorities.

voila  a bit, a little mosaic of my year 2010, without getting too personal blog post. Thank you all and most dearly my Notebook for being so supportive and never letting me down!

Hope your 2010 also was fun, exciting, challenging, new venues for opportunities and helping you achieve your potential.

Ciao 2010!

One response

  1. Deeksha PUTTUR

    A is though 365 days, 365 sun rise and sun set , and in
    between 1 day of struggle. A these day brings along a chance to
    live, to smile, to be happy, to learn and to grow. Your 2010 was a
    great year and it made you a great man!

    5 January, 2011 at 2:56 pm

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