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Buy your flowers online in Mauritius

Hi folks, hope you had enjoyed a nice public holiday for the Chinese Spring Festival 2011. Well, moving, St Valentine is fast approaching…..Florists are busy getting ready to accommodate for the high demand of beautiful flowers by clients. Similarly bookshops are busy in making sure their display shelfs are packed with gifts or nice valentine cards.  So dear loverboy or lovergurl, you got quite a good deal of shopping and preparation for the St Valentines. Dring Dring Dring,…Are you aware that you can buy your flowers online and have it delivered at your door?!

As a follow up of the post – eCommerce taking off in Mauritius, where besides the sales of wine and spirits (, we now have the possibility of purchasing Flowers online:

The new online presence of Self Catered Mauritius Ltd, physically located in Curepipe, is in the form of a FLASH website developed to have a product catalog of flowers and other gifts where a shopping cart is available to use and check out. There are basic 5 steps for online purchase 1) choosing arrangement of flowers, 2) Adding extra flowers like more roses 3) Customising the greetings card with your personal love message; attaching gifts like Chocolate or spirits like Champagne/Rhum, Martini Etc. 4) Enter Delivery and billing details and finally Payment options : 1) MCB Internet Banking Internal Funds Transfer or 2) Online Credit Card Payment via MCB MasterCard Gateway Service. As I am a frequent flower buyer, such a service is highly desirable along with the facility of payment. I am a bit curious about the delivery service mentioned in the website as clients normally want fresh flowers to be available. What are the  additional charges for express delivery (if any)  if I order before noon? etc.


No flash website on iPhone

As far as the option of being online in ONLY flash is an issue as there is much debate about Apple products not displaying flash content. I would be strongly advise to have also a non-flash HTML/Dynamic version of the website or the ideal would be an iPhone/iPad App for Apple users. Personally I no longer develop websites on Flash although I think this is a perfect medium for displaying creativity and unique user interface experience with clean Keyframe animation/actionscripting. To get some inspiration I used to visit The Favourite Website Awards or Best Flash Animation Site before the popularity of Web 2.0.  Sure, one can make really cool online presence and with increasing access to YouTube, there is increasing support for flash plugin in all major web browsers. However there are also Flash alternatives coming with HTML 5 and certain sites shifting from Flash to HTML 5.

In the end, to conclude its good to find progress in the field of eCommerce in Mauritius where likes of or are emerging. For those abroad wishing to send their girlfriend/fiancee/wife in Mauritius could now do so via Let’s hope this business model grows and improves the service. Till then, let me try orderinga new HP Toner CB435A on
Till then, Keep Connected and Happy St Valentines Day 2011 in advance!

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