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MGSS/RTSS bags 4 laureates

The HSC Results 2010 were announced yesterday, 7 February 2011 after Hon. Dr. Navin Ramgoolam approved the list of Laureates 2010 in the company of Hon. Vasant Bunwaree and Prof. Lucien Finette at the Prime Minister’s Office, Port Louis. The official list of HSC 2010 scholarships per side is as follows and the Scholarship rank list 2010 is published on the website of MES.

It is with great joy and satisfaction that the rectors – Mr. T. Mauree and Mr. M. Gungaparsad learnt they have laureates on the Boys side at their respective institutions. MGSS Student RAMBOJUN: ADWAYE MIHIRKIRAN obtains the SSR National Scholarship (Science Side) whilst on the Arts side, BABBEA:  ALVIN MAHADEO wins the State of Mauritius Scholarship. After 3 years of waiting, the MGI List of Laureates below will be updated and have these bright laureates names proudly engraved to further inspire current students of the Star School.

Down back the memory lane, MGI last laureate was Visham Appadoo on the Science Side in the year 2007. Check out the blog post on the day of Laureate announcement.


On the other side, the rural situated college is in the headlines with ‘Rabindranath Tagore SS  prend sa place parmi les grands!’. The chest is held high for all the Tagorians which include students and ex-students, staff (non-academic also), well-wishers (which include Tuition teachers) and Parents. Kheelesh Poonye (Science Side) and Sooyash Dosonye (Technical Side) have excelled in their respective stream. Check out for more updates..


(left-right) Ravin Dwarka Chairman of RTI, Kheelesh Poonye, Mahen GungaParsad(Rector), Sooyash Dosonye and Kavita Buckory(Deputy Rector)


To conclude, I would like to Warmly congratulate the bright academics as they make all the people surrounding them very proud of this achievement. You (laureates and ranked after laurestes) now have the doors open for further studies at prestigious institutions worldwide together with financial incentives from the State. Enjoy your future university student life and do not hesitate to return to our Motherland to put your intellect at the service of the Mauritian economy.  Don’t just focus on academics side as Overall Personality Development also is a key ingredient for success in your endeavours! Keep it Up and All the Best!

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