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National Day Celebrations 2011

National Day Mauritius 2011

To mark the coming National Independence Day Celebrations 2011, a series of events have been announced and organised by the Ministry of Arts and Culture and Prime Minister’s Office division – Culture & Avenir.


The events can be viewed on my Google Calendar (whereby my personal events are marked busy, just ignore these) :


Some nice memories of participating for the Celebrations at Champ de Mars can be viewed on my 2009’s blog post. This year will be performing for the 22nd March show. It’s very interesting to see so many events organised this year, it has been the trend of inviting artists from India (Sonu Nigam, Atif Aslam) for performance but his year its not the case. On Saturday 12 March, there is instead ‘Concert des artistes locaux’ from 19h to 00h at Champ de Mars. I think there will be the usual ‘Feux D’artifices’!!! at the end of the show…


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