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At Champ de Mars for National Independence Day 2011

National Independence Day 2011

Saturday 12 March 2011 marked the  43rd National Independence Day of the Republic of Mauritius. To mark the occasion, The President of Maldives, Hon Mohamed Nasheed was invited and well-received by high dignitaries of the country. There was also The Prime Minister’s speech on the occasion where the message was spread via different media. This was a day where the hymns of the National Anthem are sung and the Mauritian flag is hoisted on every house or vehicle, even at wedding ceremonies 😉

Official Flag Raising

Courtesy: Photo Gallery

There was the Official Flag Raising Ceremony, after which came the shots by the SMF.

Then followed the official protocol. This was marked by a series of Floats each representing elements of the Public and Private sector of Mauritius. The most noticable engine was the new Fireman Truck costing around Rs. 45 million with a water projection rate of 4500m/sec and up to 80 metres!


National Independence Day 2011
The photos of the different Floats can be viewed on my Flickr Photoset or another Facebook album .
National Independence Day 2011
Conservatoire St Mitterand Rehearsal

Music Rehearsal

A wonderful Fireworks session concluded the official protocol ceremony in order to leave the floor to a cultural programme by various local artistes.

The following day came the continuation of the celebrations by a march from Stade Leclezio throughout the village of Goodlands. Then passing by the route of Triolet to park at the football ground of Mont Choisy for a concert.

Happy Independence Day!

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  1. zoli camion pinpom 😛
    but I dont want to see it anywhere near my house lol.

    14 March, 2011 at 11:06 pm

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