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Nice University Time

The most awaited date finally came:

Graduation Speech by UoM Vice Chancellor, followed by the Chief Guest (a Professional in the field of Law)

Well, you feel a bit awkward wearing the gown due to its size. It was very nice to listen to the VC concerning the ceremony: practical tips – walk slowly the stairs to be on stage, avoid falling as its a bit uncomfortable with the gown, SMILE as you shake my hand as this photo taken will follow you throughout your life. The commencement speech given by the Chief Guest also included lots of practical tips as we will be joining the labour market – for eg. don’t change jobs unless you have done a minimum of 2-3 years.. and philosophical thoughts.

The milestone eventually occurred:

The class group photo and throwing of Caps in the air!! Plus Lots of photo taking going on before returning the gown which one takes on loan for around Rs. 550.

Then you receive by post, the letter from the Registrar:

I am pleased to inform you that, upon recommendation of the Board of the Faculty of Law & Management, the Chairman of the University Senate has approved on <date> that you be conferred the <degree> of University of Mauritius with <class:division>. Congratulations!

Accompanied with the letter is the Final Transcript of your Final Performance in all the modules and also the Marks obtained for each module (continuous assessment + final exams), in addition to the Grade earned. The third letter page will list you the calculated GPA on a yearly basis where you can deduce on which class:division you rank.

Then finally, you organise a class farewell party – nice dinner

Congratulations MIS

Congratulations MIS 2007

and buy gifts for your Lectures or send Thank You emails to all those who have contributed towards your academic journey.

After about 3 weeks you will have to be present at the Digital Studio (like the one near Marye Justin Stadium) to collect your photos. You will have to choose from lots of set for the ones you wish to buy and take the pictures with your parents and friends in it. The lady will propose you the tariff for ‘photo aggrandisement and framing’ or doing 2:1 photos for about Rs. 1500 and add some nice words at the end of the photos like: <your course name> <year><university of mauritius> or Thank you mum and dad for your blessings etc.

That was it, Nice University Time! Bon courage to all the future graduates šŸ™‚

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