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first team-building we are…pushing out blog posts to the world out there on a retarded rhythm than as it was during the period of being in the shoes of being a University Student. Many factors account for that- getting used to the new atmosphere of work – during the first week , i just sat and observed how’s work actually. Then slowly began to do procedures of some required IT tasks after reading User and Technical Documentation on the IT project. Then later on, the challenge of socialising with members of other team and the respective team leader.

However, the first team building session, held on Friday 6 May and ending today Sunday 8 May 2011 was a great boost for me to get to know and talk with other employees. What I really appreciated, it’s a very non-formal event, meant principally to enjoy, forget the world of work and to have intense relaxation sessions. For me, it was a golden opportunity to get to ‘socialise’ with colleagues who at work I won’t dare to talk as they are very concentrated in their work and above all they are very experienced and ‘experts’.

Well my first team building can be said to be as follows:



and loads of


The team building  was organised by company: Air Production  at the premises of Club Med (Pointe aux Cannoniers).  Some pictures:
club med

club med

club med piscine

mont choisy

oui oui chapiteah


me and neemhes
Different games were organised which involved different aspects which one encounters in real life:

  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Strong motivation to attain set-objectives
  • Working in pairs
  • Using creativity and genius ideas at work
  • it was also unique occassion to unearth hidden talents amongst team members

all this cocktail was blended with lots of fun and sharing of nice moments together…

4 responses

  1. Poornima Mulleea

    Lucky you, hope you learn smethng as well as enjoy the different activities. am eager to have details of ur different atelier. :-*

    8 May, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    • hello dear!! was very enjoyable sessions. well the activities:
      1. dance sega + when dj change sega pace, u change ur dance style
      2. popping of balloons with couples
      3. playing football in pairs
      4. Tug of war
      5. Kayak race
      6. Big foot one foot
      7. fill in a bucket of water with 2 recipients water dropping out
      8. ‘Gonni’ race + carry egg in mouth race
      etc etc…

      8 May, 2011 at 7:26 pm

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