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Not iPhone 5 but iOS5 with iCloud


Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2011 was held at San Francisco yesterday, Monday 6th June. Despite being on medical leave, Steve Jobs delivered his keynote.
Steve Jobs

Jobs: Who needs a file system anymore?

Solution: keep your data on the cloud, Apple is providing you 5GB free storage with its new iCloud service! Click to learn more on this new strategy from Apple in the Cloud Computing market. Rivals include: Amazon Webservices and more seriously Google!!! The success of Google Apps relies on being on the Cloud like for eg. data of your Gmail, Docs etc are all stored in the cloud, even more interestingly for developers there is Google App Engine

So, Apple’s iOS5 and iCloud…What’s the big deal?

firstly, iOS5 has lots of interesting improvements, read more on:

Amongst the features described in, pretty amazing for iMessages improvement, where text messages sending will given a new mode of usage! In fact, after phone calling, this is the primary way of communication on the smartphone, followed by email and other applications. Isn’t?

For the Camera, its very cool to see it being accessible from the lock screen now, as you always want to get a snapshot taken by other people who are non-touchscreen users, and for them getting till the Camera app is not always an easy task…

The iOS integration with Email, Address book Calendar is not new since this is already possible by configuring a Google Account where you can sync your data with GMail, Google Calendar and your Contacts as well. It’s all on the Cloud. Now, IMHO, this is a strategy to compete and to offer to Loyal Apple customers, something of the Apple’s brand by adding the magic “i” before the product’s name. Apart from putting your photo stream on the cloud and it being accessible on other devices (Macbook, Apple TV) etc, the simple interesting feature are ability to edit the picture and/or to enhance it.

So what’s your impression of the announcements made yesterday?

In my opinion, this is a very strategic move for Apple to embrace Cloud Computing given that people want their data to be accessible from anywhere, powered by the rise of mobile computing (tablet computers etc.).  I think given the wide adoption of Cloud, we must be careful on how secure, our own personal data is there, especially with cases like Playstation network being hacked and accounts of users compromised. No one would want their iCloud account hacked, where the hacker has access to all your Phone contacts, your text messages, your email data, your photo stream, your purchased music/ videos, your Application data etc. That would be total chaos if iCloud does not deliver up to the expectations. Isn’t?

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    29 June, 2011 at 8:55 pm

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