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Goodbye Steve Jobs

A new era at Apple begins. Apple—the company Jobs co-founded at the age of 21, was exiled from, and nurtured obsessively into the second-most-valuable corporation in the world afterExxonMobil —dominates technology and popular culture. Apple is the most innovative company. Rivals as diverse as Research In Motion, Nokia , Hewlett-Packard, Google  and the entire music industry have been forced to change strategies or abandon once-thriving models in the face of its success.

Friends, it has been as early as 2008 that I have started to blog on Apple. A summary of the posts:

2008: Apple 3G in Mauritius: The introduction of the new smartphone in the Mauritian Telephony market by Orange. “Ainsi, on peut déjà s’attendre à ce qu’Orange déploie la grosse artillerie pour cet événement”

2008the $1 CEO – this post included the commencement speech at University of Stanford. I quote:

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do

2009: Get Well Soon Steve Jobs – a letter addressed to Apple community claiming a ‘hormone imbalance’  and that Tim Cook will take over the day-to-day operations

2010: I bought my first Apple device (iPhone 3GS – 31 Dec. 2009) and my blog post on this achievement : The white Apple: A superb gift! “Since then, many changes in my daily computing routine”. I must admit, the way I use and think about technology changed…

2010: Apple iPad announced at Apple Event – Tablet computing revival

2010: The new Apple iPhone 4 – The world’s thinnest iPhone with iOS and lots of features

2011: iPhone5 not yet announed, but instead iOS5 with Cloud.

Well, personally, I have been amazed by the design of the product and the many possibilities that open up by purchasing the leading smartphone in the market. A bit literature about the news of job resigning on the web:

Steve inspired an entire generation of entrepreneurs and creative people to think about things in terms of innovation and design.  At Apple, great products are not the important thing – it’s where those products come from and so much of that was down to the way of thinking of Steve Jobs.

Buying an iPhone while Steve Jobs is still alive is something to tell your kids about, like buying a Model T from Henry Ford. Jobs, who underwent a liver transplant following pancreatic cancer, said that he could no longer meet the duties of leading the technology giant. He will now become chairman of Apple, with chief operating officer Tim Cook taking over as chief executive.

Job’s personal goal is to be the implementer of technology that would improve people’s lives – that’s what he was born for. Jobs always exercised an authoritarian grip on products, software and design — always hating leaks, strictly controlling everything. He pitched Apple to the educational and creative markets, a niche it has always kept. The company pays Mr. Jobs a salary of $1 a year

Apple surpassed PC giant Dell in January 2006 with a market value of $72.1bn, and secured the landmark achievement of eclipsing Microsoft in May last year. The company now has more money than the US government, holding cash reserves of $76.4 billion compared with the US Treasury’s $74 billion. America currently has debts of $14.4 trillion, while Apple is debt free.

Apple is widely expected to launch a fifth iteration of the iPhone soon, while a third version of tablet computer the iPad is rumoured for 2012. Steve Jobs is a business icon. He changed the way we think about technology.

To conclude, Steve Jobs is irreplaceable. He’s been referred at the Tech showman, the Marketing guy who could sell products by adding the alphabet ‘i’. The first authorized biography of Steve Jobs will be a hit in the bookstores. At 56 years old, the Steve Jobs who always appeared in black turtleneck shirt and jeans will always be remembered for his creativity and vision which he gave the world. At my University of Mauritius, Strategic Management exams I had a case study on Apple’s products. The question was to draft a SWOT Analysis. I couldn’t stop writing given the Apple fanboyism. is an icon to study, in himself!

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