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Promoting Hindi/Hindi Literature in Mauritius

Finally this is the opportunity for me to be able to design and implement with the help of Garaz Devlopeurs Team work, an official online presence for the Hindi Speaking Union, Mauritius. HSU’s official website was launched yesterday by Hon. Anil Kumar Baichoo, GOSK, Vice – Prime Minister and Minister of Public Infrastructure National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping in the context of Hindi Divas

Honestly, this is amongst the biggest web project that I have done till yet: proposed in Aug. 2010, started in June 2011 and delivered in Sept 2011. I had to manage and coordinate the work of around 6 persons in order to be able to deliver the output. I am very proud of the team work done yet and open atrium has been of great help.

It is a great time for me to keep in touch back with hindi after nearly 5 years since my last involvement with Hindi There were many eminent personalities present on the closing ceremony of Hindi week which was marked by the organizing of book fairs around the island since Monday 12 Sept. Many Hindi Authors like Abhimanyu Unnuth, Keshavdutt Chintamoonee, Indradev Bholah, Ramdev Dhurandhar and the publisher Prabhat Prakashan graced the occasion by their presence.

To put spotlight on my 3 months of hardwork on, I can describe different key functionalities available on the website. Firstly: An English and Hindi version available. There are many interesting articles to read on the Hindi Version ( . Secondly, a dynamic photo/video gallery, thirdly an attempt to have as much information on Hindi Language, Hindi Literature and Mauritius Hindi Literature. Also, when users register on the website, there are social networking features available on the website account. To sum up, this is a very dynamic project and within one year, it will be one of the best websites on Hindi, I hope so.

It is with great satisfaction that the project sees the day. Garaz Developeurs has been a key body as alone, I couldn’t had delivered so many work hours. A big thanks to the Drupal developer, eMarketing Manager, Testing and Quality Control, Web Content Editors, our new Graphic Designer. Bravo for the wonderful team spirit!

One response

  1. Deeksha Puttur

    Every one walks in life, some are slow walker and others are fast walkers. People who have vision and personality are those who achieve goals and trace their own destiny. The HSU project is so tailor made and well polished, congratulations to you.

    18 September, 2011 at 10:54 pm

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