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What’s your success statement?

Hello and hope you are having a nice Sunday…

Let me ask you a question dear blog readers; Just put a pause in your life to sit down and think on what have you been doing up till now in life? Do you deserve merit for any achievements till yet? How’s life, does it present itself with challenges or just some boring routines and a salary credited at the end of month?

Well, the purpose of this blog post puts down the output of my thinking and my ‘success statement’ is as follows:

Being young at age, I currently stand in front of a long career path. There is a long way to go in order to be successful in leadership and in life. Since childhood, I was fascinated by the processing abilities of computing machines and I wanted to learn more and more on the ‘magic of technology’. Today, I aspire for a career in Information Technology as I strongly believe that Internet technologies could be a wonderful tool to keep people connected and metamorphose tasks which took time to do or which were done inefficiently due to lack of information.

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration” – Thomas Alva Edison

Taking into consideration my age and study constraints, I believe that I have worked hard in the several web projects undertaken. I am successful as a Young IT specialist in Web and Internet Technologies as after the last 12 months, I feel very proud of seeing the projects running live on the designed IT infrastructure. The client testimonials on my CV would clearly indicate the extent of satisfaction related with the service level agreement. I founded ‘Garaz Developeurs’ with the aim to share my knowledge of Web 2.0 and Managing a Web Business to others. Hence the students obtained the necessary materials to start developing websites and integrate in a team of Freelance Web Development under my leadership. I provide guidance to the team of 4 young IT professionals in order to deliver projects on time, within budget and deliverables of high quality. Agile Methodology is adopted for the project development and the different occupations in team include: Web Developer, Database Administrator, Web/Graphic Designer, Web Editor, eMarketing Manager, Testing and Quality, Project Manager.

Being an advocate of Open Source Web Technologies, I undertake strategies for my clients to be closer to their target audience through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr etc.) on top of having a website powered by Open Source CMS (Drupal, WordPress). Being a passionate of the Web, this year marks my 4 years of blogging on where I have relentlessly shared information on the BCS Higher Education Qualification/ BCS Membership and BCS Regional Activities like the IT Personality Awards etc.

To be successful in life, I am simply passionate about anything I undertake and at the same time I try maintain a work/life balance. I apply effective time management and stress management techniques. I do not neglect the cultural aspects surrounding me and hence to be an all-rounder, I practice sports (badminton) and performing arts (Drama, Indian classical music instrument playing). I also take time to engage in social activities and to help others.

That’s it. So what’s your success statement?

2 responses

  1. I will write one tomorrow 🙂

    Else, I would simply say : “Believe in yourself.”

    25 September, 2011 at 12:52 pm

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