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The Graduation Ceremonies 2011


The Convocation Ceremony of the University of Technology, Mauritius was held on Tuesday, 8th November 2011. Given that it was held at MGI Auditorium, I had the opportunity to ‘luckily’ assist it. Two things worthy of mentioning in my blog:

1. The Commencement Speech

2. The End-of-Ceremony Tradition of UTM

Firstly, The Commencement Speech, a bit lengthy one, was performed by Mr. Eddie Jolicoeur, the Group Head of Human Resources at the Mauritius Commercial Bank, Mauritius. My first remarks: it was a provocating and a product of Critical Thinking blended with the years of experience of Eddie in the field of Human Resources Management (which is one of my favourite MGT topics during my UoM Days). Below are some quotes from his speech:

‘I am going to say a few things which are against the HR theories that you have learnt in classroom settings. Excuse me to be saying things against which your lecturers have taught you during your course. Anyway, now, this won’t change anything (you have already passed the exams)!’

‘Do not buy textbooks entitled ‘Theory and Practice of HRM’. This is rubbish thing.’

‘HR consultants advise us to do ‘Team building’ activities: hiking, having fun together etc. in order to get along with colleagues and to know their talents. However, when they return back to work, after 2-3 weeks or so, they return back to their fighting mode in the work arena’

‘Lastly, you are now young graduates with dream to be fulfilled. You wish to change the world, change it for the better..’ (am not sure of the exact wording)


Secondly, The tradition of UTM. At the end of Awarding Degrees and Prizes to outstanding students, the President of the Ceremony asks the parents and friends to stand up, whilst the new graduates sit down. They are asked to clap and acclaim the young graduates. And then the, latter stand up, whilst the remaining audience sit down. The President asks them to acclaim their lecturers and their friends for their contribution during the university days. Then he wishes them good luck in their journey of life.

I loved this convocation ceremony for different reasons, one of them being that MGI is more spacious than UoM’s Auditorium.


Me and Bhoomesh (IT Manager – MGI)

Then on Wednesday, 9th November 2011, time to collect my final Diploma Award, again at the wonderful setting of MGI, Moka. Its great to complete a 3-year course in performing arts which I love to do as a hobby. Well, it was VERY tough to cope with the daily (evn on sat) classes at the MGI Tertiary School. Actually there are very few students doing Diploma courses in performing arts, principally because maybe there is no career opportunity as a Performing Artist for now in Mauritius.

Well, I did it for my passion of Sangeet. Despite the difficulties, I am proud to finally having done it (at the same time of UoM/ BCS studies and freelance web dev and perso life)

148728_10150111481612506_805257505_7696306_787902_n 307517_1818484080132_1781051166_1196884_2109993064_n

I would like to dedicate the Diploma effort to Guru ji Deerpaul who just retired. Guru Ji, your guidance and support was unique and cannot be found from any other place in the world. We bow before you to take your blessings.


I feel nostalgic that my MGI days are over, as an HSC student and secondly as a Music Student. Its great to walk in the campus of MGI, well kept by the gardeners. Maybe I would definitely consider more opportunities to be in the MGI family in one way or the other. The administration of MGI is certainly not laudable, being stuck with no innovation and poor administration techniques.

On the positive side, I was pleasantly surprised to see many artists getting their awards, specially she-Tabla players getting their Advanced Certificate and one girl getting in Mridangam. Many Students having studied at the different MGI centres obtained their Certificate in Performing Arts (Vocal Hindustani, Kathak, Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi, Sitar, Violin (Hindustani & Carnatic), Tabla, Mridangam. It is also worth mentioning the new Course in Dramatic Course and Arts & Crafts being offered at the Rabindranath Tagore Instutute (RTI). A certificate in Acting was awarded to successful candidates. It was interesting for me to note the School of Indological Studies at the MGI Tertiary School which offers courses in: Sanskrit and Indology (Vedanta, Dhyana Yoga). Special MGI Prizes to best CPA students were awarded.


Well, that’s it for the so many Graduation Ceremonies I have been proudly attending till now, to collect the results of my hard work. 2011, the year of harvest of the seeds sown in 2007 whilst choosing the courses to study. The plants grew and were nourished by the wit and wisdom of lecturers. Till one day, they start producing fruits for the long term. As the Hon. Minister of Tertiary Education, Rajesh Jeetah said ‘Pa croire ki ena dent zot pli malin kan zot p gagne zot certificat!’. Learning is a lifelong process.

Dear blog readers, my undergraduate studies now over, I sincerely hope to be able to continue share the goodness of being a Uni Student. If everything goes well, sooner or later the goodness of being a Postgrad Stud – in Computer Science or IT…Well, let’s hope so..

Till then,

Stay Connected… + Happy Ganga Snan 2011!

5 responses

  1. I am very happy to read the blog of a Mauritian . Indeed it is very interesting to note how much importance your university life had in your own life. I am myself posting a comment on tour blog because it is a university work. I wish you the best of luck for your future.

    1 October, 2012 at 12:00 pm

  2. Michaella

    I’m not graduated yet but your description of the graduation ceremony already makes me sad. I really feel that life at university is a unique experience and that students should take the best from it. Tertiary education can really change our perception of life as well as free our mind and is an experience which everyone should live at least once so thanks for sharing all this valuable moments with us.

    1 October, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    • Hi and welcome to my blog.

      Well, well said Michaella, uni education is here to help you become a critical thinker and independent in acquiring new knowledge.

      I wonder about those students opting to do ACCA or other Chartered/Professional Courses (Marketing, IT etc.) and work at the same time. They’ve never done Research, never spent time going through dissertations in the library, no classroom presentations, no participation in Sports Day/Events organised by Student Union etc. etc.

      They are very good in their field as they study hard to pass the exams but what about their personality development?

      2 October, 2012 at 7:17 am

  3. AngieThanou

    Well-organised blog. I personally found it interesting to read it through. University life is indeed a stimulating one. Besides, you complemented this text with photos, making it more appealing and accessible to all kind of readers.
    You claimed aiming at sharing the goodness of university life being a Mauritian student and you actually achieved this objective with this particular blog.

    2 October, 2012 at 1:25 am

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