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Some HR meetings

I have been fascinated by some recent interactions with executives in the field of Human Resource Management.

Personally, I like meetings with HR People. It’s like going into a ‘battle’ for the work arena. I mean, you need to reply principally to questions, but its more fun when you get to ask the HR rep some interesting questions, so that You can assess them. 😀 enfin sort of (Don’t forget, they also, they are Humans managed by other Human (any C-level executive for eg. CEO)).

Dear blog readers, let me narrate two meetings with experienced HR Professionals at the top of their career.

The first one is a Group HR Executive who happened to see my award speech on MBC TV. He contacted me concerning a proposal in the IT dept of the company he works for. The company forms part of a big Group in Mauritius and has at least 3 branches in Mauritius and others in India and Madagascar. Hence a workforce of around 1000+ employees to be managed. We met for an interview. At the end of the meeting, I got to ask questions about the profession of an Human Resources Manager. And the answers I got were original, something not to be found in Textbook theories. He told me: “You know, HR is a field where you have to know Emotional Intelligence, Psychology etc. I am going an on advanced training on Profiling next week. One has to be able to choose a candidate who will best be able to adapt and perform a particular job as expected. Ena dimoune plorer dans buro. Moi mo dire, si zot envi plorer, laisse zot. The three main job in HR are: 1) Paperwork, 2) Operations 3) Strategy.” I made reference to the commencement speech by the Mauritius Commercial Bank Chief HR Executive and he added ‘You know, what is important in a person’s life is – what has he been during all these years till now. It’s life experience that will forge the character of a person.”

This was a very nice conversation about Human Resources Management. Its a very interesting job to manage the worklife of around 100 – 450 people according the set objectives of an Enterprise.

The Second HR meeting has been that of today early morning. This time, it was a ‘Big Shark’. A Consultant. He is also an industrial psychologist and at the same time an IT Manager!

There is something that we call Job Profiling that had to be done. The employment consultant has the job to know the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate in order to be able to provide the right talent to the organisation which is paying to recruit the right person or to obtain a short list of CVs.

To admit, I was pretty impressed by this interview. The consultant himself admitted that ‘it was a strange one’. Damn it, by his questions and careful inspection of my CV, he was able to describe my ambitions, my career aspirations and in respect to all the factors he found in my personality, which job would suit me well. And cherry on the cake, he even proposed me that this job vacancy is not what I want, but that this one would better suit me! Alors la Monsieur, Trop Fort! Respect!

That guy, in the middle of the meeting, after asking questions, changed the usual scenario of the interview. He was like an advanced form of Human Resources Professional, one of a mutated or evolved one.

He advised me that by choosing this career pathway, I will be skipping some steps.. and I thought ‘Bingo!’ We exchanged our business cards and then had a relaxed chat about the IT industry and Recruitment of Professionals in this field. He highlighted that there is a shortage of Good IT guys in Mauritius, and even if there are, the few ones are NOT Serious. This is the reason why we have to recruit from India or from Madagascar. Well that’s a pity, and its a fact, I had also written on this topic when I had a nice meeting with key web 2.0 people in Mauritius. It’s true that I have personally witnessed ‘Malgache’ Programmers; they are talented guys and the Indians, in IT they ‘know everything and can do anything’

So folks, next time if you are doing an interview with an HR Professional, if they are really good, even without doing Psychometric Tests, they can get to know you and gauge your job suitability. That’s it.

2 responses

  1. Hello Blogger Ashesh 🙂

    I am impressed. You are among the very few I know from the IT world who appreciate HR people. Most people would say, HR guys are useless or they are absolutely insignificant. But you, Alors la, je suis agreablement surprise. Even if I have an IT background, I’ve been working in HR for a few years and you are right. There are some really impressive “evolved -as you call them” guys out there.

    Thanks for the share 🙂

    24 November, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    • Hello Blog Reader Pritty! 🙂

      Ahh yeah, Human Resource Management was my favourite module during my UoM Days. some blog posts in this category

      Toi aussi tone travail dans HR!!!!?!!??!

      euhh, nice surprise, you also you are a Mutated Gene. yeah koz tone fr Software Eng. and now u r a bit in management.

      hey u knw, one question I wanted to ask the Employment Consultant is that ‘ What is his opinion of the Ministry of ICT introducing the ICT Academy in Mauritius in order to tackle the problem of shortage of IT skills in the current labour market?’

      c ya soon for the JCI Nov. meeting

      24 November, 2011 at 7:48 pm

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