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2012 Kick-Off

Hellooo World! Already living the first 2 weeks of 2012.  In case, you’ve missed it, here’s the Zeitgeist from Google concerning 2011: Year in Review.

Let me share some nice stuff I was viewing on the website of the Leadership guru, Robin Sharma

  1. How to Get up Early,
  2. How to Defeat Worry,
  3. 8 Steps to Winning in the New Year.

I highly recommend you to take 1 hour off and take a notebook and go through the videos.

The second part of my 2012 Kick-off blog post is for whose considering to change their job or maybe going for their first job interview.

Recruitment and Selection is a crucial task for companies in order to have the best talent channelling their energy to achieve the set company-objectives  within a timeframe. The HR Personnel has the objective to Shortlist candidates out of a list of many applicants. This process can be a  one-to-one interview or a panel comprising of different members representing their respective dept. To kick-off the chance of being selected, pre-interview preparation is of utmost importance. It’s like doing your homework before going to a class. So here we go, you could work on the following questions which a Manager could ask:

1. [Your CV will be at the desk]. First Impression [Don’t be late, Well-Groomed, etc.]. Then the opening question: In 2 words, tell me about yourself. [In certain cases, the Industrial Psychologist might urge you to get started with your family life and then come on the traditional description i.e education, work experience, personality].

2.  What does ‘Failure’ mean to you?

3. How do you deal with Conflicts at Work?

4. Can you define the relationship between ‘Skills’ and ‘Attitude’?

5. What is the importance of Communication to you?

6. Can you make the link between ‘Ethics’ and ‘Integrity?

7. If there is One Thing that you could change, what would that be? And how you could change it?

8. How do you Manage Change?

9. Do you believe in Planning?

[Question about the Job Description]

[Question about ‘What do you know about <the company name which is recruiting>?]

Finally, you will be asked ‘Do you have any questions?’

Then, one can proceed asking about the Salary Scale and Benefits or discuss about the work conditions etc.

A job is not “just a job”. Every job is a gorgeous vehicle to express your gifts and talents – and to model exceptionalism for all around you.

2 responses

  1. What if after going through all this pleasing-the-interviewer-to-get-the-job stage, you find out that the job is not paying you as much as you expected? I don’t understand why they can’t just publish the salary in the first place as this would save people from wasting time.

    10 February, 2012 at 10:38 pm

    • Hi Gices

      you got a point, as most recruiters prefer to ‘negotiate’ the salary + benefits/rewards during the last questions of the interview….

      11 February, 2012 at 7:53 pm

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