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Distracting elements and e-reading

Already 3 weeks of using my new Apple iPad 2, and I am loving it! My primary purpose if for e-reading. Today is the eve of the annoucement of the new iPad 3.
iPad 3 preview

Well, me personally, I wanted to have an e-reader. I found that I could not carry my bookshelf (My Bookshelf) along with me, despite the availability of the PDF or epub version of the books. That’s was sad because I so want to read (or go through again) the books. And this urge tempted me to purchase iPad 2 on 13 Feb. 2012 at eShop Caudan, Port Louis. Since then, I am a happy e-reader!

Apple iPad (iBooks)

Apple iPad’s iBooks application can read .epub format e-books. In order to read your .epub book on the iPad, you’ll need to sync the book file to iBooks.

1. Open up iTunes and verify that you have the latest updates for the iBooks app. 2. Navigate to “Books” in your iTunes library. You should see any other books you have synced to iBooks. 3. Drag the .epub file  into the iTunes Books library. 4. Plug in your iPad device. 5. Click on the device then navigate to the “Books” syncing preferences. 6. Check “Sync Books” and either:

• “All books” will put your entire iTunes library of books on your device. • “Selected books” will require you to check the box next to the books you want to read on your iPad. Check

the box next to the  book title. 7. Click “Sync” to sync your iPad.

When you open up the iBooks application, your Rockable Press book will appear in your library. Enjoy!


Then furthermore, the joy of reading latest issues of magazines or the New York Times on the Newsstand:


I have subscribed to Newsweek and hence can download the latest issue of the magazine, as soon as they are available for download.


Below is a help on How-To navigate in a Magazine.


I find it super-interesting to view the high-quality photos, the tweet updates, the social bookmarking options and most importantly the ability to view Videos featured in the magazine. That’s awesome. Furthermore, for purchasing books (The Kindle Edition) from, there is the Kindle App for iPad.


On the other hand, there are some arguments against e-reading outlined int the post: Reading Books on a Tablet is Dumb

It is argued that tablet device has a distracting nature: Our emails, IMs, and apps are perpetually notifying us about new things.

Extract from The New York Times article:

People who read e-books on tablets like the iPad are realizing that while a book in print or on a black-and-white Kindle is straightforward and immersive, a tablet offers a menu of distractions that can fragment the reading experience, or stop it in its tracks.

E-mail lurks tantalizingly within reach. Looking up a tricky word or unknown fact in the book is easily accomplished through a quick Google search. And if a book starts to drag, giving up on it to stream a movie over Netflix or scroll through your Twitter feed is only a few taps away.

My Personal Opinion:

I agree that one is tempted to check the incoming mail upon hearing the “New Email sound notification” or comment on the Facebook notification on a photo or status update etc… But, anyway, there is the Airplane mode!!


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