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Yesterday, 22 Aug. 2012, JCI Port Louis organised a session on ‘Our Senator, Our Role Model’ at Audi Zentrium Reduit.

It was a much awaited event, after having been through the JCI Induction course (two saturdays, at the wonderful conference room of Le Meritt, Nexteracom Tower I). Also, after this course was the Interview session of all aspiring members with the Local Board.

After nearly one year being an aspiring member, the first project being MyWish Project in Nov. 2011, here is the week where finally I would swear in to become a Member, finally!

Well, as a recap some of my involvement as aspiring member:

  • attend monthly members meeting in Port Louis
  • try to contribute for the Newsletter for JCI Port Louis (also knowed as Nexus)
  • proposed innovative e-ideas (emailing templates + projects website)
  • follow the JCI Project Directors Academy Course.
  • Project Secretary for the JCI TOFA Award 2012

I realise that since the beginning of the year, each month i’ve been involved in at least one JCI Meeting/Activity. Help, help, I think am also infected by the JCI Virus! đŸ˜€

Yesterday was a great opportunity to meet and listen to the senators of JCI. It was a great experience to be able to be present in that conference hall with all the aspiring members on my right handside and the senators on left. Below are the following fascinating points that I could retained:

  • JCI is the best school where you can learn, apart from University.
  • JCI PL is reputed for doing projects with seriousness and dedication.
  • “By having gone through the JCI career path, today I am who I am.”
  • Life is a journey, but dont’ race through. Don’t try to skip steps. Do things with the required time. You are still young.
  • JCI offers many opportunities. You are here to seize them.

After the presentation of different senators on different topics, the most impressing one was by the former JCI World President of 1994, Sen. Arnaud Godere.

It was indeed a very special presentation owing to the charismatic nature of that person.

And the explanation of the International Structure of JCI was something which i discovered that day. Added with the personal experience as a World President, it was an outstanding speech. For all Mauritians, like the other senators, Sen. Arnaud is a role model, being able to achieve ‘le top du top’ of the NGO called JCI. It took 10 years (from 1984, joined as aspiring member till 1994) to reach at the peak of the pyramid. That’s a major milestone.

I could not attend the last presentations of other Senators as had to attend the Annual Dinner of the English Speaking Union. Its after 2 years that got the opportunity to go to this event. Read , during which the official website of ESU – was officially launched by Hon. President Aniroodh Jugnauth. Also I delivered a presentation before the audience that day! (Photo Gallery)

For for this year’s dinner at Xia Chinese restaurant (the food was excellent btw), President of the Republic of Mauritius, Hon. Kailash Puryag, ex-speaker was present, together with Hon. Lormesh Bundhoo, acting Minister of Arts and Culture. I was very happy to be amongst ESU after such a long time.

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