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BCS Mauritius – IT Personality Award 2012

It is for 5 consecutive years that I have been covering the event aiming to recognise outstanding professionals in the field of ICT in Mauritius. To view the archives:

BCS Mauritius – IT Personality Award 2008,

BCS Graduation Ceremony 2009,

BCS Mauritius – IT Personality Award 2010,

BCS Young IT Specialist 2011 Winner

As usual, the Flagship programme of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT (Mauritius section) was held at The Sofitel Imperial Hotel, Flic en Flac. This year the event was sponsored by Microsoft, the country Manager Mr. Paul Bunting was invited to attend the event last year. The chief guest was The President of the Republic of Mauritius, His Excellency Mr. Rajeshwar Puryag. For the first time, the CEO of British Computer Society, the Professional body for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT),  David Clarke was present in Mauritius.

BCS IT Personality Award 2012

From Left to Right: Mr. Newraj Burton, Mr. Sergio Arlapen – Chairperson BCS Mauritius, Mr. Paul Bunting, Country Manager – Microsoft, Hon. R. Puryag – President of the Republic of Mauritius, Mr. David Clarke – Chief Executive, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Well around 19:00 the Cocktail started during which I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Teebye Moradhun, the IT Personality Award winner 2011.Well, we both were invited to the Award ceremony in order to congratulate our successors. Concerning the judging criteria, I realised that there is 40 points that judges use to determine the finalists and ultimately the winners. The panel of judges consider the portfolio of project undertaken by a candidate. The participant has to write a success statement. The CEO of BCS highlighted that it is very tough competition as BCS puts emphasis on entries of excellent quality.

To do a recap, the winners of BCS IT Personality Awards are:

2007: Hon. Etienne Sinatambou, former Minister for IT

2008: Mr. Ganesh Ramalingum, Director of DCL.

2009:  Mr. Raheemeea Sheik Mohammad Ally (BAI)

2010: Mr. Avinash Ramtohul, Manager East Africa, Oracle

2011: Dr. Teebaye Moradhun

2012: Mr. Vivek Mathur, VP Technology – Bhumishq Technologies 

The 2012  Medallists are:

Mr. Ramraj Bisessur, Micros Systems & Support Executive – MICROS-FIDELIO

Mr. Ricaud Auckbur, Director e-education & TVET, Ministry of Education & Human Resources

The winners of BCS Young IT Specialist Awards are:

2011: Ashesh Ramjeeawon, Technology Director – eTraks Technologies

2012: Yashnath Issur, Head of Data Centre & Information Security, Emtel

The 2012 Medallists are:

Mr. Ashwin Gungah, Team Leader – TNT Express

Mr. Assadullah Durbarry, Managing Director – ATech Group

From left to right: Mr. Yashnath Issur – Emtel, Mr. Ashwin Gungah – TNT Express, Mr. Assadullah Durbarry – ATech Group

The Speech of Mr. Bunting laid emphasis on the partnership of Microsoft with BCS, which has the motto ‘Enabling the information society’. He talked about the re-imagined products of Microsoft notably Windows 8 which recently hit the Mauritian market and worldwide, Windows Phone 8, Visual Studio 2012, Office 2013 (to be launched soon) and Microsoft Surface. He talked about Cloud Computing enabling businesses to operate more efficiently. Bill Gates had the vision of a Desktop PC at the reach of every persons, now we are living in a new revolutionary era of mobile computing and under the leadership of Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s new vision is:

Last but not the least, Mr. Paul had his speech prepared in a Tablet!

Personally, it was a bit nostalgic for me as I felt like reviving those moments in 2011. Most specially, the interview by MBC: The organisation of the Gala Dinner (Indian style Buffet) was excellent and congratulation to the section members. Looking forward for the Professional Talk by David Clake on Tuesday 6 Nov. on: Will the IT profession be up to the challenge of the 5th wave of computing?

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