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My Business Trip to Bharat

 Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF) in collaboration with Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust (Delhi, India) organised an Orientation and Training programme on‘Learning Difficulties for persons with disabilities’  held from 11th to 21stFebruary, 2013 in Delhi, India. This laudable initiative is to empower our resource persons in Mauritius towards specialized training in special needs education and coping with persons who are differently abled. This 10 day course comprised of several lectures and discussions on different aspects of ‘Learning Difficulties for persons with disabilities’ coupled with visits to SEN schools in Delhi.

Amar Jyoti Bus

There was an official sendoff meeting by the High Commissioner of India on the eve of our flight, 8 Feb.2013, where we were briefed on visiting Delhi. Press Release of the event: GRF Send off Meeting

The delegation took our flight to Delhi and on the early morning of 9 Feb. 2013, we touched the sacred soil of Bharat.


Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi

After checked-in in our respective hotels, we set off for breakfast and then later for Sight Seeing in Delhi:
Gandhi Smriti

I was particularly very happy to visit this place being an ex student of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for 10 years, i used to see the ‘Hey Ram’ besides the Statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the garden. Having lived the values for MG, I was very touched to visit the place where he lived, see his last steps and the museum where all his belongings are preciously kept.Visit at Gandhi Smriti
After that we visited the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, a beautiful show case of Indian art, set up in a vast 100-acre site. Then we did a spectacular boat ride through 10,000 years of Indian Culture. We got the opportunity to learn about the discoveries and inventions of India’s ancient rishi-scientists, oldest Vedic village, bazaar, takshashila and many other glorious heritage of India. In the evening, we watched the musical fountain show which is in a traditional yagna kund, which is the largest in India. The Colourful musical fountain show that echoes the Vedic sentiments was magical!

On Monday 11 Feb. 2013, was the official Inauguration of the Training Programme followed by a Visit of Amar Jyoti Centre.


As you can see in the above photo, all the teachers coming from different background (Occupational Therapists, MD, Teachers, Lecturer etc.) obtained their official pass and training folder after registration from the programme on Day 1. The lectures started immediately in the conference room. The latter were delivered by key persons in the field and it was very informative sessions that we had. Very Interestingly one participant in the Group, Dr. Chunnoo, made drawings of the speakers and offered them as gift at the end of the session. He is very talented!

On the following days, I had lots of meetings/ Skype call with different key persons – Webmasters, IT Managers etc.

Had the opportunity to visit NIOS who have their website catered for disabled users Also visited Amity Campus Noida, a very vast one, i was pleasantly surprised to see the security watchguards holding big trained Dogs in the campus!

After around 11 years of visting India, I noticed many things had changed. No longer were the time where with 2 or 5 Indian Rupees, you could purchase many stuffs (Inflation). Secondly, I enjoyed a lot travelling by Metro! I went to Mandi House and Connaught Place by Metro. I travelled also in the Rickshaw, Auto-Rickshaw, Car (chauffeur-driven and bodyguard), Bus, Motor Cycle. This time, I did not get the opportunity to travel in bus coach (for long distances) which stop at local Dhaba or in the Local Trains/ Domestic Airlines/ Rajdhani Express.

Food was nice, though as expected most of them were spicy. The famous Gol Gappe, which is the favourite starter snack for Indians. I could eat it at one go (spicy)!

For shopping, my new best friend Pinky was with me and guided me to Palika Bazaar and the local Sharda Market. It was also a priviledge to be amidst an Indian Family to share life.

On flight way back, got also a nice Friend Anusha, who was very helpful in guiding me about the MRA customs and how to trick the one whiskey bottle per person.

Most importantly, was able to buy a best quality Tabla Instrument in Fibre Trolley. I had to pay excess given its weight, but  it was a nice experience to be able to sit and learn from a Guru who took the time to ensure the production of a good quality Tabla and to invite me to musical programmes and give me tuition.

Got the opportunity to meet Vipul after around 9 years! we had a nice time at Cafe Blues, Connaught place in my last day in India. Brought Mine Appollo for him! lol

I came back Home Sweet Home one week before the training ends but during this brief period, I accomplised most of my missions and met very important people, friends and well-wishers!


4 responses

  1. Vipul Goyal

    Great Writing!
    And thanks for the Mine Apollo 😀

    19 February, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    • Hehe…
      Thanks man, I enjoyed a lot meeting you after around 9 years and talking about college days again. Gosh..we relived those moments at that time and i realised that you still keep good memories of Mauritius/ feels great to be a Gandhian after all..

      27 February, 2013 at 8:50 am

  2. Joylena Kistnasamy

    Ashesh Bhaiji :), very happy to have met you during this trip… such a memorable adventure where I got to really appreciate the beauty of humanity; reaching out to others, bonding with others, learning and sharing…

    1 March, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    • Hello Joylena!!!
      Very nice meeting you too at the start of the trip…
      a very memorable adventure, specially to visit Amar Jyoti, its like a dream becoming true for me

      1 March, 2013 at 7:13 pm

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