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Residential Drama Workshop 2013 for Beginner Actors/Actresses

The Ministry of Arts and Culture organised this year’s workshop at Pointe Jerome Youth Training Centre, Mahebourg from Friday 03 May till Sunday 05 May 2013. It was a great opportunity for artists of Sangeet Natak Academy, Triolet to be selected in order to participate in the acting classes.

So, on Friday after work hours, had to get ready for the Long drive, from home till Mahebourg 😦 Also there was the problem of  CNT Bus Accident at Soreze. 😦

Upon arrival at the Youth Centre, we are warmly welcomed by the officers and congratulated for our performance of ‘Natak Nahin’, which won several awards.

There was the allocation of rooms whereby I was able to meet new friends and accustom with the new atmosphere. It was exciting for me to see so many people from different communities/age group have come in order to learn acting!

Then after dinner, everybody was summoned in the Conference Room where the Workshop was opened and grouping was done. Since I had came late, I was allocated randomly to a group, and it was a great group!!! We were also allocated 2 arts officers who would be in charge of giving us the appropriate acting classes and directing/coordinating our drama.

Then each group comprising of 10-12 actors were dispersed in the yard of Point Jerome in order to get introduced and start the first class. We performed Theatre Games and the lessons learnt from the first class were very helpful to me personally. What I could retain from the first session can be briefly outlined as follows:

1. Casting (Allocation of Roles before starting a drama)

Make a good estimate of an actor’s capacity to fit in a role, whether he/she will be able to play for 5 minutes or 20 minutes or even entire drama. Never put a burden on an artist.

2. Never say ‘No’

Under a director’s instructions, always accept to carry out these instructions on stage. Accept to do things in Theatre. Argumenting is not good.

3. Team Work

Embarking in the drama troup is similar to doing constructive team work. All members should form part of the solution. And the director shall implement the final solution.

4. Communication.

Good communication is essential in a group.

5. Full concentration in a Role.

An actor must focus fully whilst playing a role. ‘Focus on a point till you don’t see/hear anything else’.

Then the next day, on a fine Saturday morning, as early as 6.00am we started with Warming Up and some very interesting Theatre Games. After breakfast an introduction to acting and improvisation was done whereby we were given to tell a story and then to improvise dialogues and narrate the story in drama form. At around 10.00am, we were honoured by the presence of Mr. Per, a professional actor/director from Sweden. He delivered a 2 hours lecture on ‘Characterisation’. And Honestly, it was amongst the best lecture that I ever had attended. There are many important points that I could retain from this session. Also I had the opportunity to act under his instructions.

After lunch, we continued our group work session, whereby we had to stage the improvised story for a cultural programme which will be presented at 20.00. I was chosen as the director amongst the group of 11 artists. We had great fun working together and doing a great 15-minutes drama in the evening!

On the final workshop day, we started in the morning with theatre games and we worked on our Voice. Then very interestingly for breakfast, nobody was allowed to talk and make noise. We all had to Mime. Then around 9.00am we started our next drama production which was on a folk story of Akbar/Birbal – All is for Good . This time i seized to opportunity to hand over the direction to Prema so that I could focus on acting. I had the role of ‘Tribal Einka’!! It was great fun 🙂

And finally, after lunch, there was the presentation of all the group’s drama. Ours was done in ‘Open Air’, with a beautiful view on the sea/beside hotel Preskil. I was impressed by the quality of the play and the talent of the beginner artists.

Then finally there was the closing ceremony whereby MBC TV came did a small recording/interview of participants. There was some speeches by the Chief/Principal Arts officers and also Chairpersons of the Hindi/Urdu National Drama Committee.

It was a great Residential Workshop where I would like to thank the all the Staff/caterers etc. for making it successful. Special thanks for our 2 teachers Mr. Vikram M and Soobiraj G. for all these precious guidance. It was great also to make new friends and to perform with artists coming from different drama clubs.

All the best!

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