Theatre & Films Productions

Professional Training in Acting/Drama/Theater in Mauritius

It all started with the good opportunity of having met Prof Darshan Purohit at the Finals of English Drama Festival 2013, which Morning Star School won with the play ‘A Dollar’. Then came the idea that day of having an intensive workshop session delivered by the theatre expert from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. Immediately I tried to contact Darshan ji in order to propose the project that will benefit lots of actors/performing artists in the region on the North specially. After an appointment with the lecturer in his office, it was with great satisfaction that the project could see the day! well it was a bit stressful also as everything has to be arranged within 1 week only – in order to run the training on 15th and 16th June 2013.

I did my maximum to invite many artists which i already knew. Also, I took the time to reach the nearby State Secondary Schools by meeting the rectors/teachers in order to inform them about the training and to notify me if any student/teacher staff would be willing to attend. After many years, I launched a facebook ad ‘Do you want to become an actor?’ which attracted 95 event responses

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