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Information Technology And The Booming Mobile Casino Industry

Hello Friends! How many of you enjoy Casino games?

Well me last time went to Las Vega Casino (Grand Baie) and had some here are some thoughts about The rapid evolution of technology has forever changed how we play casino games.

Casino Games -

Over 400 million smartphone units have been sold worldwide in 2011, and the number continues to grow as the years pass. This is good news for business owners of IT related products because they have more opportunities to effectively tap into a booming market, especially since almost everyone can afford to own a unit nowadays. Let us look at the casino industry as an example. They are now able to penetrate millions of probable players because of the Internet. It’s not a surprise that many take advantage of the smartphone and tablet gaming markets.
There are currently some mobile games that allow players to play casino games on their smartphones and earn real cash, but most people still prefer to play these games on their desktop or laptop computers. This doesn’t discourage the mobile gaming companies though, as they are constantly making progress in their development techniques to produce more engaging titles.

A major concern that mobile game developers have involves the design of the target devices, since they have to think about the resolution and size of the screen for games that they are creating. AlchemyBet has worked on’s “Furry Friends”, “Viper Active” or “Bar King Mad” casual casino titles, and they have done their best to cater to as many mobile devices as they could. The problem is that the amount of varied screen sizes in every smartphone or tablet that is coming out will make it close to impossible to develop a title which can work on all platforms.
Security is another big concern here, since malware programmers have gotten busy generating viruses to infect the millions of devices being released to the public each year. What is alarming is that most of the mobile devices being used today are not equipped with even the simplest anti virus tools. This will make them susceptible to hacker attacks.
While the present generation of smartphones and tablets have the hardware boosts and extra features for better performance, it is interesting to know that most of these units have a difficult time with casino gaming content. At least the industry of mobile devices is working hard with their IT experts to improve on their products, particularly their operating systems. This will take away a lot of the barricades which stop casinos from providing content to their loyal and potential players.

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