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Sightseeing Delhi -19 – 21 Jan 2014

After attending the second week of BRM16, was time to enjoy India a bit withing a limited time period of 5 days. Accompanied by friends, I had the opportunity to have visited the places which i’ve not been before in Delhi (for eg. in Feb. 2013, visited Gandhi Smriti and Akshardham Temple).

On Sunday 19th, Jitu was free at home and hence had his company as well as Sourabh’s company to visit some places. We all met at Starbucks coffee in the morning..

Starbucks Coffee Delhi India

Starbucks Coffee Delhi India

Starbucks Coffee Delhi India
Me, Sourabh and Jitu

After a nice meeting, we all set off by Metro for Karol Bagh and did some shopping but mostly ‘window shopping’ there. Sourabh suggested to go to Chandni Chowk to purchase nice quality Indian clothing at best prices.

We returned to Mandi house at my hostel to drop the shopping stuff and proceeded to NSD for lunch. This co-incided with my meeting with Mr. Satish Kapoor, director of We Care Film Festival for Disability. After enjoying the Indian Chicken Biryani, I did a quick guided visit of the NSD campus to my friends: (sourabh became nostalgic as if not medical science, he would had chosen acting as his career).
Friends at NSD, Delhi

NSD Exhibition

Ram Gopal Bajaj in Tughlaq

NSD visit with friends

Ashesh at NSD

Naseerudhin Shah conducting acting classes at NSD

Then continued our adventure for shopping and sightseeing. We went at Sony Professional Center CP to verify our SONY Nex VG 30 camera. Unfortunately negative reply.

Then we continued for some Shopping at CP for leather goods at a best price. It was a nice shop with good products at a good price. I purchased a motorbike leather jacket and many other leathergoods.

Then back again to hostel by auto (the driver told us: arey bhayya, puri delhi kharid li aapne ! ).
Jitu came with a plan to watch movie. I had proposed them to watch the closing ceremony for NSD, but they said ‘bekaar hein’!

Then we set off for Noida to visit Wave Cinema to enjoy ‘Wolf of Wall Street’. Unfortunately the timing was at 10pm for this 3 hour movie. too late 😦 we abandoned it and instead enjoyed 7D cinema, which was tooo coool.

7D Cinema

7D Cinema

7D Cinema

7D: You can rain falling on you, smoke on your face/back, tickling effect on your feet..awesome!

Did some light shopping, purchased some nice sufi music, then we set off to look for food as we really have burnt lots of calories walking whole day and night. After no big choice, we went to McDonalds where we overate. Then back home, we enjoyed some pranks together:



And then each one of us regained home after having enjoyed a nice, unforgettable Sunday…

Monday 20th Jan, again I went to Starbucks coffee (obviously was liking the place and its drink/food)! I seized the free WiFi opportunity to check some work emails and do some phone calls.

Tata Starbucks Coffee

After doing a quick round-up of the work-related stuff (only 45 minutes of free wifi), back to the world of holidays! I went to exchange some USD into Indian Rupees in order to prepare for shopping etc. After that, I was in the search for a Tour Operator in order to principally arrange for transport. I asked the currency exchange company for an address and they indicated one nearest to the location that I was in CP.  I entered the office of Delhi Tourism and Travel Centre (before which I answered a phone call of the director of an IT company with which we work on eCommerce proejcts). There, was offered chai by Mr. Toofail and I took a contract of 5 days costing 400 USD.

So then I got a car with a driver, who brought me to car view India Gate and President’s House. They were all closed as preparations for Republic day on 26 Jan 2014 were on. I could also notice political banners of BJP almost everywhere, with messages like ‘Let’s Modify India’. Driver dropped me at Humayun’s Tomb, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Monument for 1 hour of sightseeing.

Humayun's Tomb Humayun's Tomb 20140120_131031 Humayun's Tomb Humayun's Tomb   Humayun's Tomb

Then for lunch time, had to go to Karkardooma. Given I saw the traffic problem on the way, preferred driver to drop me at Metro.

Delhi LunchHad a great family lunch which was special as the family was expecting me since long.. I really enjoyed a lot the Shahi Paneer, raita and garam garam roti. I gave some around 14000 indian rupees for ladies shopping, as I am not too fond to purchase Sarees, Churidars and other accessories.

Back lunch, on way to metro, started raining in the Riksha itself.


Took metro to Jhandewallan, Keshav Kunj for a most awaited meeting at RSS Main Karyalaya.


Was finally able to attend a late night shakha and do some parichaya. Wanted to do this during 2013’s visit. Then after dinner, regained hostel, where got a phone call to stay  at karkardooma to watch the ladies shopping goodies. Again, I travelled and I was amazed by the Sarees and Churidars carefully purchased.

Tuesday 21 Jan finally came, which was scheduled a Full Day Visit. I wanted to visit ISKCON / Lotus Temple specifically. We set up early morning for Connaught Place by metro, quickly grabbed 2 strong black coffee and finales with the Tour Operator with 2 additional tourist for the Jaipur Tour scheduled the next day. All done, the driver brought us to Lotus Temple with a route of about 1 hour. It started to rain and we had to remove shoes to be able to enter the temple, as per all Hindu temples’ rules. We were welcomed by some devotees and in groups of visitors, we entered inside the temple. We got to sit quietly, pray and enjoy some moments of peace and happiness.

Lotus Temple Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple

After this nice first visit of the day, we proceed to ISKON Temple which is in the nearby vicinity. Unfortunately we could not do darshan as it was for 16:00 that aarti was set. However we had an excellent visit.

ISCKON Temple DelhiISKCON Temple

Hare Krishna

Ashesh at ISKCON Temple

after having Maha Prasad, which was excellent, we visited the Vedic Expo.

ISKCON temple vedic expo ISKCON temple vedic expo

We really enjoyed the Vedic expo with the cinematic effect and the reportage on the materialistic life that we are living against the principles told in Bhagvata Gita. I enjoyed the informative guides from Suman all throughout the visit. And was touched by the last ‘radhe krishna’ in the jhoola sitting and watching together eyes in the eyes..

Finally, back to south Delhi, we came into the area where Lodhi Gardens is found.

Lodhi Gardens Lodhi Gardens Lodhi GardensWe had a really short but nice visit before regaining hostel. On way back, got to talk with a close Indian friend Vipul who invited me to watch movie accompanied by his friend Utsav. Obviously could not decline invitation but before I had to urgently meet and bid goodbye to some NSD people who helped me a lot during the Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2014, the International Theatre Festival of India.


I were to checkout the NSD hostel on the next day morning to set off for Jaipur.

Around 6pm, met Utsav at the metro, and was very happy as he had stayed for around 10 months in Mauritius during his college days. So he knew some of the Mauritian Swear words :).


We had a very nice conversation and we reached Saket, DLF Mall, DT Cinema  to watch – Wolf of Wall Street. It was a great pleasure meeting Mr. and Mrs. Vipul.


I really enjoyed the movie and the cinema was very comfortable and the service first class.

I took the last metro to come back hostel (very late) but had really enjoyed all the moments spent with friends in Delhi!

On friday 24, when I came back from Jaipur, had to opportunity to visit Ramakrishna Mission Ashram briefly before setting off for airport.

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