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Jaipur Sightseeing – 22 till 24 Jan 2014

The morning of 22 Jan rises, its cold in Delhi and today I will not be having chai in my hostel. An interesting anecdote is that the guys who are to take care of me as NSD guest (mahindar and surindar), always bring chai properly, however they always manage to take 80% of the chai for themselves! chalo, koi baat nahi as I acknowledge their nice service during my 9 days stay in Delhi. During farewell, I had sent to them some souvenirs of Mauritius.

At exactly 8am, my Jaipur guests were already on way, very determined to be on time for Jaipur. The same goes for Ali, the driver who was already ready for this long adventure. Only me had enjoyed ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ till late night and had came back by the last metro to Mandi House – Barakhamba Road, Vakeel Lane, NSD Boys hostel.

At around 8.30am we started our 5-hour drive to the Pink city. I got the opportunity to see Gurgaon, where my friend Vipul goes to work. There are many big corporates having their quarters in Gurguaon and I was pleasantly surprised to see Accenture’s signboard on top of a building. I was also excited for this drive as it’s normal to travel a lot in India (by train, car, domestic airline etc.). Was very happy to watch the lovely ‘Sarson’, a perfect scenery to which I am used to, everytime I travel in India (including the cows wandering the roads also). Ali asked me for a rest, the answer was obvious. I had also the desire for some hot chai at a Dhaba. An experience not to be missed!

Chai at Jaipur

After a well deserved lunch in Rajhasthan, we reached Jaipur in 2 hours around. The banners of Amity University were everywhere, as you approach Jaipur. The mood was getting exciting as we could see people dressed differently, riding on camel, elephant, the palace and the Pink City!!! was so amazed… Finally, we did our check-in at Rajputana evHaveli Hotel. It was a marvellous hotel, in the style of a palace itself..


even the colour of the Haveli was in Pink!Rajputana Haveli

After around 1 hour rest, we set out for Choki Dhani, the famous Rajhasthani village resort. We were warmly welcomed by 2 little Rajhasthani kids, innocently looking at us (wondering from where we are) and loudly greeting us ‘Ram Ram Sa!!’. Then the guy proceed to put a Tilak..
after which you enter the reception, where one has to pay the Ticket of INR 500 / adult (including dinner).

The scene and buildings were all very impressive, if not breathtaking! Witness some snaps to believe..

Jaipur Chawki Dhani, India

Located on the suburbs of Jaipur, The Pink City of India, is Chokhi Dhani, replication of ethnic Rajasthani Village. Spread on more than 18 acres of land, Chokhi Dhani is synonymous with Rajasthani Culture since 1989. In 1989 with Chokhi Dhani Village, as a part of ambiance for a restaurant, over the years it has evolved as a tasteful and authentic symbol of ethnic village life of this most colorful state in the country. Built on typical Rajasthani theme, embedded with its rich heritage and lifestyle, it is a place where festivity never ends.
Chawki Dhani

All the building were made in traditional Rajasthani style and they were in hotel room styles.

Jaipur Chawki Dhani, India


Snake Charmer in Jaipur

Snake Charmer in Jaipur

Palmistry in Jaipur

Palmistry in Jaipur

Shopping of local made Rajasthani Products

Shopping of local made Rajasthani Products


After which, amongst the different stands where there we traditional dancing on Rajasthani tunes, was one with a cute little girl. I could not resist and joined me to dance! joined by Pinky later, we had great fun! even attracted the attention of others, as….we…were…rocking the dance floor!


There were activities like boat ride, camel ride, cart ride available, we watched another rajasthani dance and then the puppet show.

Traditional Rajasthani Puppet Show

Traditional Rajasthani Puppet Show


The click was ticking around 7.30pm and we had to regain the driver in half hour. So time to do the last item, which was obviously: Dinner.

We were pleasantly surprised with the huge Rajasthani Thali! really, there were lots of items to eat…..all of them accompanied with Deshi Ghi and Makhan, which we are supposed to put in the Roti.


There was an excellent catering service, even offering their hat to take snaps and continue enjoy the dinner in a ‘Royal Maharaja’ style..

20140122_194754Then back to hotel to relax and enjoy some TV a bit..

Thursday 23 Jan. Today we have a full day Jaipur tour accompanied with a guide. Our first point of interest was Amber Palace, where we stopped before to view the lake and hear some Narrative Guide. We were greeted by some snake charmer.

Snake Charmer, Amber Palace

In Amer Fort, we did an elephant ride to reach the palace. It was a cool experience, if not a risky one…

Elephant Ride, Jaipur

Apart from the fact that we had to stop in the middle for the elephant to do nature’s call, we were thrilled by the speed that it was going. The ‘driver’ was just assuring us that we would not fall. As we climbed up, the view towards the lake was becoming awesome.

Elephant Ride, JaipurHad some nice conversation with other passenger tourists as well, who were from Tokyo.

We reached the palace’s entrance. Time to purchase the entry ticketsAmber Palace

This is the place where the Maharaja used listen to the problems of the common people and the latter would pay their taxes there.

Amber Palace

We entered via the big ‘Ganesh Ji’ gate, which has been very beautifully crafted by artisans at that time.

Guided visit

A visit to the ‘Mirror Mahal’ was obligatory and this is the place where the Maharaja used to come to ‘have fun’ with his Maharanis.


A magnificent view of Jaipur from the Palace….





Then, we visited Jal Mahal and then Jantar Mantar.

Jal Mahal, Jaipur

Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

he samrat yantra, for instance, which is a sundial, can be used to tell the time to an accuracy of about two seconds in Jaipur local time. The Giant Sundial, known as the Samrat Yantra (The Supreme Instrument) is the world’s largest sundial, standing 27 meters tall.

Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

Jantar Manter, Astronomy

Then a short walk to Hawa Mahal, which is nothing but a great architectural work. The maharanis used to come here to spend time during the day by watching the city activities via the windows..

The Palace of Winds

Cooling down…..also in the times of the Maharajas there was a desperate need for escaping the heat of the desert. The many (many) wives of the Maharaja here in Jaipur had to observe strict ´purdah´ (face cover) and weren´t allowed to go out on the streets that much. To still offer them a glimpse of the ‘real’ life without being seen, the Maharaja built the Hawa Mahal in 1799. It’s a very narrow facade where the women could take place behind one of the 935 small windows. Here they could look down on the streets…
Great benefit of the open structure of the building is the wind blowing right through it. They also call this the Palace of the Winds.

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

during which we did some shopping where I bought some nice Kurta and pearl necklace.

And here is the doorkeeper of the famous LMB hotel, where I purchased some sweets.
Rajasthani Door Opener

Jaipur Street Food

also got to enjoy the local street food including: Gol Gappe (the less spicy version) and other snacks..

Then as our last destination, I opted to go to Galta or Monkey Temple instead of the Amber sound and light show.

It was a long shot as we had lots to walk and the place was unknown to us and swarmed by lots of monkeys, dogs and other animals..

here are some interesting articles on this temple. Got the opportunity to quickly do darshan, including that of the Akhand Jyoti, which was lit since the Moghul years.
Jaipur Mandir

and then we made the final descent to end the one day of whole sightseeing in Jaipur.

Jaipur at Night


Travellers regaining back Delhi. I was dropped off at Jhandewalan, where could meet Sandeep Ji and Vijay Jha Ji (after 12 years), finally!

We were all damn tired as had done lots of walking. The next day, very early morning we set out for our long drive by car to Delhi. I was very happy reaching destination around 11am on Friday 24 Jan 2014. Means I had some hours to enjoy last meetings in Delhi before taking flight at 17:00.

Meeting Sandeep Ji

Last meetings with Tabla Guruji, Naveen Kumar also, who before leaving gave some Tabla compositions to work..


took my final metro from Ramkrishna Ashram to Jhandewallan, in order to get ready for Airport.20140124_155350

once the security checks all done, was very relieved and a bit anxious about my trip to Dubai. Did the final calls to thank the most important people who helped me with my stay in India. Had my last Starbucks coffee and enjoyed the WiFi access of the shop..20140124_204426

Ready for a new adventure after in around 4 hours flight from Delhi to Dubai…Mission to India was successful and was carrying lots of positive souvenirs and fun moments with the so many people i met …

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